June 7, 2022

Logan and Sydney in PCB

Carter’s Summer Visit 2022

Logan and Sydney in PCB

Logan and Sydney have a 4 week summer break this year!  They are spending one week with us!  We are using the motorhome as a second vehicle this week, so we can accommodate everyone :)  We pick them up at the airport and then swing by Back Beach BBQ to bring dinner out to Camp Creek.

After dinner Benson changes into his jammies and practices his stair climbing skills with a surprise......  He starts saying, "Grandma!"  It's so sweet!  I love It!

The boys are modeling their sun hats and some swim goggles.  Benson is so busy and funny!

The next few days are chronicled in our Camp Creek Post.

Here we pick up at Donut Hole.  Benson has a generous helping of chocolate on his face and is trying desperately to kiss his mom.  She gives in and tries to lick him clean :)

We head to our home to enjoy the rest of their stay.

Benson eats a popsicle.  Oh he's a gorgeous boy with beautiful features.

Damon heads to an appointment in town and we head to the pool :)

Damon brought us home some pizza.  Sydney loves Hungry Howies!

Sydney made us cinnamon rolls!  She's an amazing baker!

Logan and Benson go exploring :)

We love sharing some of our favorite restaurants and shops with our guests.  Oishi and Carousel Shopping.

Lake Day!   We all try out the Scull!

A trip out to Lynn Haven to eat at Simpli Seefood!

All Boy!  So Curious!

A stop by the Beach Market and home to blow bubbles!  He's so darling!

A trip into Rosemary Beach :)

Rosemary has the most beautiful photo ops!

A swing by the gallery to tell Lisa "Hi," and then on to get a treat to share!

As we pulled into Wild Heron Sydney unbuckled Benson and he crawled over and laid on my shoulder.  So Sweet!

Sydney loves on him and plays with him constantly.  He is the luckiest of boys!

Grandpa mades us Bitcoin Bread. Benson loves it!  The Pastrami sandwich is predictably delicious.

Sunday dinner at Shaka's.

A drive around the neighborhood to check out some new construction.

I braid Sydney's hair and we take a trip to What-A-Burger!  Benson flosses on the way home ;)

A stop by the Beach one last time.

One more Swim!

And before bed, Benson plays in the bear crib, checks out the long arm, and gets a first sewing lesson :)

What a treat to have them in my life.