What is Malanah?

What is Malanah?

We are Mitzi and Damon. Mitzi lost her husband Brandon in a bicycle accident in 2016. Damon lost his wife Tiffany to cancer in 2015. We are rebuilding our lives.

Malanah is a Hawaiian word. It means ‘to float’. It also means ‘to move together, as people.’ To us it represents resurfacing after devastating loss, together.

Since one of us will almost certainly die before the other (how often do a married couple die at the same time?), we are creating this blog so whomever survives will have a place to remember what a wonderful life we shared.

We also hope you benefit from it. We hope you are inspired to rebuild a life you love after loss. We hope you love, live, and choose to let in the happiness.

We love to travel and explore. We are inquisitive and love to learn. We love the open road and open spaces. We love freedom. We love beauty, peace, and quiet. We live slowly.

This is Malanah.