June 3, 2022

Camp Creek Lake

Cousins Meet at the Beach!

Camp Creek Lake

With both families in town, we thought it would be fun to rent a house on 30A.  The house was on Camp Creek Lake and was perfect!  

Benson is 14 months.  Winnie is 8 months.  Benson has recently mastered walking, climbing, and sticking his tongue out and lots of vocal chatter:). Winnie is not quite sure what to think.

Taylor and Baylie take some time to work out on the porch.

A double date in the kayak's turned into just the boys paddling out to the beach.

These babies are so beautiful!

An evening walk to the HUB.  Mitzi told us it was right across the street........ (and a right hand turn and a 10 min walk :)

Pineapple, tacos, and some funny faces.

And a walk or ride back to the lake house ;)

Playing outside before the sun disappears.

A funny late night card game, thanks to Sydney!

A group paddle to the Beach!

A beautiful day on the sand and in the Ocean!

And then we paddled back.

Dinner at the Old Florida Fish House!

And dinner.......ahhhhhhh :)

One last night with these darling cousins.

Damon makes Pepperoni Focaccia!  Yum!!!

And a morning send off via the Donut Hole!

We loved spending time with these two families!