September 21, 2023

Windermere - The Lakes & Beatrix Potter

Beautiful Windermere in The Lakes, and a visit to Beatrix Potter's house. Also some wonderful food which we were starting to think wouldn't happen in the UK.

Windermere - The Lakes & Beatrix Potter

On our taxi ride from Waterloo to Euston to catch our train up to Windermere, I was able to get more pictures. So it's another installment of ...

Through A Taxi Window

We awaited our train in the London Euston station and had a little visitor.

On the train for the 2.5 hours up to Oxenholme. We got off the train and our short train ride up to Windermere was cancelled because of rain.

Mitzi just read what I had written about the train ride. She said, "You should say, 'Mitzi booked us in economy. We didn't have a window. She's as tight as a church mouse and sometimes it really sucks.'"

Then she continued, "We didn't even have a window. The whole reason I wanted to ride the train was just to see!" Mitzi I love you so much, and I love getting to do this epic trip with you ❤️

We waited for a taxi next to the Lakes Loos :)

The taxi driver pointed out how high this river is. They've had so much rain February here that it's causing a lot of flooding and problems.

We got to our B&B, Cedar Manor, checked in and rested for a bit. Then headed out for dinner.

They have the best hot chocolate in this part of the world.

We had dinner at Bandito Burrito. They have the highest rating of all the restaurants in Windermere. It was truly amazing food. The best dining experience in the UK so far. Simple and delicious and tasty food, and the folks that own this little restaurant are very friendly and welcoming.

Beatrix Potter Tour

Our second day in Windermere. We did a half day tour to learn about Beatrix Potter. See where she lived and worked. This is a dream Mitzi has had for a long time, and it was wonderful to see her fulfill it.

This random huge zucchini was on a bus stop bench. Still scratching my head over it :)

The gardens at Beatrix's house on Hill Top.

A picture of Beatrix a long time ago. A picture of Mitzi in the exact same spot today.

A 1000 year old church. The famous 1800's Grasmere Gingerbread.

Driving back to Windermere, beautiful country.

We at a late lunch at Café Italia. Excellent!

Then we headed over to the ice cream store across the street. We walked in and I wish I had a picture of Mitzi's face when she saw the Blue Crystal Sherbert. She had it for the first time in Dún Laoghaire (Dun Leery), Ireland. She's been looking for it ever since!

Today was the day. The fellow serving the ice cream got such a kick out of hearing the story and seeing how excited Mitzi was to get it again.

We had dinner at Tapios. The food in Windermere has been excellent. This was a wonderful tapas meal and everything was fresh, tasty, and perfect.