March 4, 2022

Wild Heron Chili Cook-off

We LOVE our new neighborhood!

Wild Heron Chili Cook-off

Our community had a chili cook-off. We made our healthy Mango Soup recipe from Pritikin and took that. Didn't get a picture though!

The sun was starting to set and it was shining on Mitzi as she was talking and listening to some new friends we met.

I love both the black & white and color so had to include them both :)

It was a pretty sunset. Most of our activities are at the boat house next to the lake. A beautiful setting for sure.

We tried several of the chili's that were there. The one of the right was the winner from last year.


Our neighbor Melinda sat at our table, she's in the middle. Our new friends whose names I can't remember are on the left and right. Mitzi will remember their names.

Our neighbors George and Rose from across the street brought this chili with macaroni noodles and Fritos. Why is it that everything like this, tastes better with Fritos?

We are sure grateful to live in such a fun community. We've enjoyed the activities they do frequently and have become friends with a lot of people here. Yay for us two introverts!