May 13, 2021

Wedding Preps and Family Time

5 days of Prep and Wedding Family Fun!

Wedding Preps and Family Time

As we geared up for Josh and Lizzie's wedding, we had fun with fam!

Our first day in St. George was Mother's Day.  Lizzie and Josh came and picked us up and took us to breakfast at Farmstead Bakery.  What a treat!  So many choices and such delicious creations!

After breakfast we headed over to Damon Jr.'s new home to bake cookies and play with Navy and Cobalt.  Their new home is beautiful.  The kids loved showing us their rooms, toys, and were full of love and excitement!

Macall and baby Skye arrived from their trip to California.  Skye is getting so big! He is darling and expressive!  Navy tried on Grandpa's shoes before we left :)

The following day, after a day full of errands and wedding prep, we gathered together at our rental for some Fun in the hot tub!

The following day brought a much desired reward after another busy day.  I got a hankering for an In-N-Out burger so off we went to — In-N-Out :)

On Wednesday I took my parents to Gaia's Garden Cafe. We hadn't been there and we wanted to be adventurous.

That evening, we picked up pizza at Riggatti's then headed over to Damon & Macalls. Logan and Sydney arrived in St. George and came over, then Lizzie and Josh joined as well. Benson and Skye are just 5 weeks apart in age.  Loving on these grandkids is just the best!

Josh, Logan, Josh's dad Zac, and myself went golfing the day before the wedding. Then we went to Hawaiian Poke Bowl, a place Logan and I used to visit back in the day. Our favorite place!

In the evening Josh's parents hosted a dinner at Cliffside Restaurant. We enjoyed getting to know them and enjoyed a nice dining experience.

It was Laura's birthday so we had a little celebration for her that evening.  Mitzi and Madalyn lit the candles on two small cakes and we all sang her "Happy Birthday!"

We also visited with Taylor & Baylie and Nechemia & Emily, and I got to hold little Benson, although that picture is actually from the wedding day when we were setting up the reception :)

After the wedding (see the other post dedicated to that!) we had lunch at one of our most favorite places in St. George – Benja's!

Navy was sitting next to me and asked to use the Leica. She quickly figured out how to focus, frame, shoot, and look at the pictures. Amazing work, Navy! These are her pictures.

It's been so much fun seeing family!