October 28, 2023

Virgin v2 - Ajaccio - Anniversary - Ibiza

Our last few days on Valiant Lady. We celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. And a visit to a French island and then a Spanish island.

Virgin v2 - Ajaccio - Anniversary - Ibiza

Ajaccio we were surprised to find out is a French Island. We walked through an open air market right off the port. Fun to see this swordfish head haha.

I was able to do a little street photography. There weren't very many people but I like the pictures.

Here's the view when we opened the curtains this morning.

We had a lunch at a french restaurant. The tomato burrata salad was the best burrata we've experienced so far.

And the french fries were just like Chicken Inn fries that Mitzi used to make. I'm convinced they fry in animal fat in France. They did at the Chicken Inn. The fries here have a deeper flavor and texture that vegetable oil just cannot come close to.

There is a church in the port. Evidently Napoleon Bonaparte's mom went into labor when she was at this church. And the little dictator was baptized here as an infant. The church building is old and beautiful.

I'm enjoying taking Mitzi's pictures next to the confessionals we find. "Confess ya sins, sinna!" is what I keep saying and it never gets old (to me anyway, maybe Mitzi is tired of it haha).

As the sun set this was the view from our veranda.

We had dinner at Pink Agave. The Mexican Restaurant on the ship. Another great meal!

Tonight was Scarlet Night. It's a scarlet party on the ship. All kinds of stuff going on. Our Rockstar Agent (Virgin's 'butler') gave us special Scarlet Night All Access Passes. Only 18 people got them, their VIP customers. I'm not going to lie, the special treatment is really fun.

Our little group got private performances from various entertainment groups on the ship.

First stop was the opening of Scarlet night which was for everyone.

Then the private tour began.

Many crew and passengers dress up and really go all out. Super fun!

The fellow in the captain hat dressed up by taking down the hammock on his veranda and wrapping it around his neck. Wrapped the red blanket from the bed around his body, and tied it together with the compass bottle opener from his room's bar. Hilarious!


Happy 6th Anniversary! We are old-timers :)

We started the day by wishing each other a happy anniversary on social media. There are so many, hundreds and hundreds, of pictures we could have shared. It was hard to limit them to just a few!

I love you Mitzi. Living life with you is a wonderful experience. I'm grateful for you every day. You make life fun. Thank you for loving me so thoroughly and caring so well for me.

Today was a sea day as we sailed back to Ibiza.

It was a quiet day on the ship for us.

Through the night we hit some rough waters. In the morning I captured how the ship was violently cutting through the swells, lots of water getting pushed aside.

We had lunch at The Wake.

Half of the evenings we get back to our suite so fast that our housekeepers haven't had time to clean and do the turn-down. We found the quietest spot on the ship for us to wait for them to finish is in the stair well haha.

Mitzi was enjoying the hammock in the afternoon.

The full moon came up as the sun was setting and Mitzi got this beautiful picture.

We had dinner at Razzle Dazzle. When dessert came we realized we hadn't taken any pictures! So we got these two of dessert, then asked one of the waiters to take our picture together.

Ibiza v2

We were in Ibiza a week ago. Today we wanted to do something different. So we caught a water taxi over to the island of Formentera. Glad we did. Had a great lunch!

Although before the great lunch, we had a bomb visit to a deli. The deli meat had been sitting out for hours without refrigeration and I didn't trust it so I didn't touch it. We are just so spoiled since eating French cuisine haha.

Then we looked for a sit down restaurant and found a really great one called Port Amagat. An Italian restaurant.

Many times when reviewing a menu and deciding what to order Mitzi gets a far away look in her eyes. I like to capture it :)

While we were waiting for our food this wolf looking dog came walking across the street and right over to where we were sitting. Luckily it got distracted and wandered off without bothering us.

We got a pizza and it was spectacular. We also got two pasta dishes because they make their noodles in house. And they were perfection.

On the water taxi back to Ibiza there was a group of school children. It was fun to see how excited they were over everything.

I kicked back and rested for part of the 40 minute ride, didn't know Mitzi caught me haha.

When we got back on Valiant Lady we headed over to get some root beer floats.

In the evening the full moon was out just above the horizon as the ship pulled out of the harbor on our way back to Barcelona.

We ordered room service and had our dinner on the veranda for a nice quiet evening.

As it has happened so many times on this trip as we transition from one part to another, we feel sad to be leaving the ship and are excited for our next week and a half in Spain.