October 21, 2023

Virgin - Palma de Mallorca - Sea Day - Ibiza

We visit Palma de Mallorca, have a sea day, and experience Ibiza. And we finally make it to a show.

Virgin - Palma de Mallorca - Sea Day - Ibiza

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

We had high hopes for Palma de Mallorca today and it did not disappoint.

We took a taxi over to the Cathedral Basilica de Santa Maria. It's a gothic cathedral that started construction around 1200 and didn't finish until around 1600. 400 years! The thing is huge.

Actually before we went into the Cathedral we had lunch in a swanky part of the city.

Okay now I can say it. This cathedral is huge!

I suggested that Mitzi confess her sins because she is such a sinner but instead she just posed by the confessional haha.

We got the extra tickets to climb up 172 stairs to the terraces. So cool!

That silver candelabra is about 6 feet tall. Can't tell in the picture but you can see my reflection in the glass and that'll give an idea of how large it is.

This once case had human bones in the sculptures. We thought it was strange but it probably makes sense to someone. That hand thing seems to have a wrist bone in the case.

We returned to the ship happy and grateful to have had an interesting experience here.

Mitzi just remembered she hadn't sent me the pictures from her phone. So here they are :)

Sea Day

We were at sea all day until the evening when we arrived in Ibiza.

Brunch was at The Wake. Dinner at Razzle Dazzle.

I was super tired today and ended up sleeping for hours! Mitzi did a lot of sewing. It was a quiet, slow day.

Our "Rockstar Agent" (kind of like Virgin's version of a butler) was worried that were weren't enjoying the cruise. She's used to passengers doing a lot of high energy things, and we keep to ourselves a lot and are quiet and low energy :)

Ibiza, Spain

We walked through old town Ibiza up to the gothic Catedral de Santa Maria de la Neu de Vila d'Eivissa (now that's a name!).

The statue of Mother Theresa resonated with me. I have high respect for her living humbly and serving. When I took the picture I noticed the San Juan Pablo II statue next to her.

His was taller. His was in front. His shows the gaudy dress of wealth and power.

In contrast to Mother Theresa who actually lived her religion.

The juxtaposition of these two statues made me realize this picture tells the story of religion. Profess one thing which very few people adhere too, while the institution of the religion almost always displays their wealth and power and that is actually what they care about first. Sad really.

The red marble in the cathedral reminded Mitzi of the red marble at Versailles. The house where Marie Antoinette lived had red marble all over it, from Italy. Not sure if it's the same, but it sure it beautiful.

We selected a restaurant to eat lunch. It was a fail haha. However the green tomatoes were very artisanal.

We found this little ice cream shop, all of their ice cream is made in the shop. Made up for a lack luster lunch.

In the evening we went to the "It's a Ship Show!", the dinner and show combo on the ship.

We enjoyed the food and entertainment. Virgin makes everything so fun!

Tomorrow we arrive back in Barcelona. Happily though we get another week on this ship – YAY!