February 19, 2024

Utah County

We stay in Utah County for a week visiting family and eating the best food we can get our hands (mouths) on!

Utah County

We are spending the week in Utah County. We got to visit Preston's new office space at his company Grit.

Then we enjoyed brunch at Sol Agave. This was Preston and Maddy's second visit in 2 days they like it so much. It's really good!

The next day Mitzi and I enjoyed lunch at Saida in Provo. Our second visit and it was amazing.

We took Maddy to a grilled cheese restaurant for dinner, and enjoyed shopping at an antique store afterward.

Then we drove by the house Mitzi and Brandon lived in when her children were super young in Pleasant Grove.

Don and Kathy took us out to dinner at Back 40 Ranch House Grill in Heber for Valentines.

Don brought the December 1986 Family Christmas Letter that Mitzi wrote when she was 13. Her mom had died the previous Christmas. It's a beautiful letter, so positive even though it was a difficult time.

She included humor, appreciated Kathy's efforts and hard work to take care of 4 children, and described the activities and experience of others. Very mature, very impressive.

Preston and Maddy came too and we all had a great time. It was a great way to celebrate Valentines Day!

My parents have their birthdays coming up in a few days. My mom will be 89, dad will be 88.

To celebrate we got together for lunch at Rodizio's Brazilian churrascaria in Provo. That's the 3rd time this week I've had Brazilian food – love it!

Our last night in Utah County until we return next week. We had a fine dining experience with Maddy and Preston at The Lakehouse At Deer Creek. I don't know how they got these oysters all the way here but they were about the best we've ever had. And about the best burrata we've had in the U.S. Yum.