March 1, 2021

Tristan Skye

A new grandson, Navy turns 5, and so much family..... it's a mini reunion!

Tristan Skye

We've been looking forward to this trip for about 7 months!  As we traveled to Utah, we enjoyed 2 great eats in Dallas during a stopover.  DJ booked us first class tickets and I got to be the first one off the plane!

Once we arrived in SLC we drove straight to Damon and Macall's.  The new baby is perfect!  He is so precious and such a treat to hold!  Makes my eyes leak :)

We gave Navy her gift and had so much fun watching her enjoy it.  She is the perfect age!  Grandpa put on the superhero cape and joined in the fun!

About a month prior to our visit Maddy called me one day and asked what I thought about her throwing Navy a birthday party.  I thought it was super kind of her, and I thought it might be a load off of Damon and Macall with Tristan coming around the same time.  

I am going to say Maddy is amazing!  She is incredible, selfless, smart, and so so so talented.  For the record...... she moved into this house 7 days before the party. She is in her last semester of a Masters Degree for Speech and Language Pathology, and she is currently interning at a school full time.  I admire her and love her a lot!

The party was so fun and a huge success!  

The following day Laura and Spencer and Emily and Nachemia were all in town. Maddy and Preston offered to host yet another party.  I'm so thankful for their service.  It was so wonderful to see everyone and be together for the evening.  Just like a mini reunion!  


Games for the Kids!

Lots of Pass the Baby!

S'mores around the campfire!

A Huge Thank You Maddy and Preston and CJ,Colt, and Gunner!

We were able to spend lots of time with Navy and Cobalt.  Most days we played with them in the morning or the evening. Puzzles, Coloring, Games, Parks, Museums..... it was so fun!

Damon, Spencer, Laura, and Heather were able to spend some time with Vivian and Joel as they celebrated their 86th and 87th birthdays.

Lizzie flew up to SLC to go bridal shopping in a snow storm.  Maddy picked me up and we met Liz. We all spent the night in a hotel together.  I thought I had booked something with 2 beds.... but I didn't.  3 Bears in a bed.....Slumber Party :).

The Dress buying experience was wonderful.  I so appreciate Maddy being there and Lizzie looked amazing and radiant in everything she tried on!  I can't believe all my girls are grown. (and lizzie was a great sport trying on all those dresses in a cast.  Her hand was broken a few weeks ago when it was accidentally shut in a car door)

One of my favorite things about spending time with my girls is that they usually have some type of project going on that I get to participate in when I come to visit. This trip, Maddy was dowling a dresser.  We had a blast glueing on each individual stick, cutting them, sanding them, and mounting the hardware.  It turned out amazing! And she has a wonderful hot tub that we enjoyed after all our hard work!

We enjoyed a tiny bit of time with Lizzie and Josh before they headed down to St. George and we came back to Florida.  Breakfast at Jim's and a quick last visit with the grand babies :)

And a last airport meal at a great little french restaurant inside the SLC airport. What a treasured trip!