November 7, 2023

Tour in Girona, Spain

A tour around the old city of Girona and our last full day at Camiral.

Tour in Girona, Spain

It's been literally a week since we've been outside the hotel grounds. We went to Girona today and did a tour with another couple and a tour guide.

The old part of the city has been restored and cleaned up. It was interesting to learn the history of the area.

This heron landed at the top of a very tall tree. I've never seen them do that before. They are always in shallow water or on the ground near the water.

If you kiss the behind of the weird Lioness climbing up the column, you can come back to the city...... luckily they stopped this practice once Covid hit.

The art work inside the Basilica de Sant Feliu was incredible!

Girona is full of myths and legends! If you touch under the foot statue..... you can get free from a sticky situation you are in! The architecture is beautful and diverse....Roman, Gothic, and Baroque.

The "Arab Baths" are really Roman baths and which were used by the Christians and the Jewish community that lived here.

The Girona Cathedral was amazing. Game of Thrones was filmed here. Neither of us have seen it, but apparently it's a really big deal! So we took our picture in this iconic Games of Thrones spot :)

The light coming through the stained glass was beautiful.

The grounds and courtyard are beautiful.

There are some beautiful pieces of art. The tapestry illustrates the creation of the world. Incredibly detailed and old, made in the 1300's.

There is a wall that goes around the city. Parts of it you can walk on and enjoy the views! Everything is made of stone. Sandstone, Limestone, Pebbles....Brick

A cool old Renault car!

The Jewish quarter. The Jews came here in the 900's. They lived peacefully for about 300 years. And then the persecution began. They were rounded up. Treated horribly and eventually they were all killed, converted to Catholicism at the threat of death, or escaped and went elsewhere. By 1492 they were gone.

We crossed over the Eiffel Bridge and headed into the new part of town.

Here's some street photography. I find humans very interesting and really enjoy capturing pictures of them.

I sat on a bench near a man playing the cello while Mitzi ordered our lunch across the street. As I sat there observing, I noticed a couple making out (hard to miss, they were five feet away haha).

The young girls were so interested in the man playing the cello (Manu FustA). It was beautiful music. They were so joyful dropping some coins into his cup.

My favorite is the one of the man with his arms crossed. The lady he was with seemed to be carrying on intensely about something he wasn't too keen on. We made eye contact as I took the picture and I think he was glad for the distraction.

As we waited for our drive to pick us up, this fellow across the street was doing tricks and moves off the walls and bench. I have no idea why. He is this scrawny guy and not particularly athletic, but he definitely has courage doing that in public!

I find that if I sit still for a while when there are people around, interesting things happen that I wouldn't have noticed if I was just rushing by.

Last full day at Camiral

Today was our last full day at Camiral. We've loved it here these 10 days.

There is a little store in the club house. We've purchased lunch here most days. There is a bench outside the store. Mitzi brings her French bag and we have a picnic. Delightful.

Tomorrow we get a ride back to Barcelona and embark on the Celebration Infinity for a 10 day trip around Spain and Portugal. Can't wait! But we are sad to say goodbye to Camiral ... :(