December 2, 2022

The Coons in Liberty Township, Ohio

We drive to Liberty Township and visit the Coons. A technological blast from the past, sharing fun stories and memories, and a nice pizza dinner.

The Coons in Liberty Township, Ohio

Mitzi and I have been wanting to visit Greg and Amy's family in Liberty Township for years. A few years ago when we were starting the process of building a custom motorhome in Willoughby Ohio and we planned to visit them when we picked up the motorhome.

However we decided to stop the build and instead purchased an Airstream Interstate in Tampa so that put the kibosh on our plans in Ohio.

Being in St. Louis for Thanksgiving and about 6 hours drive from their house we decided to not wait anymore and go now. We drove to Liberty Township before heading back to Florida.

It was such a wonderful visit and so nice that Mitzi got to meet the Coons and they got to meet her!

Greg collects and fixes up vintage computers. Going into his office and seeing an Apple IIe brought back some of the best memories.

I learned to program my Junior year in High School on an Apple IIe. UCSD Pascal was the language. My sophomore math teacher Mr. Lund got funding to create a computer lab my junior year and he learned Pascal so he could teach it.

What a great blessing in my life, getting to take that class. It lead me into a successful career that provided well for my family and gave me a ton of satisfaction and enjoyment because I love building software.

So seeing these vintage computers was amazing. Greg loves to fix them up and get them working. The blue picture below is a little program I wrote on the spot in BASIC, a language I haven't used in 40 years. After a minute or two it came back enough that I could write it. So fun!

Greg took one of his Atari computers apart so I could see all the internals. These vintage designs have a style and quality to them that doesn't exist anymore.

Eric is on a mission in Italy so they have just their three other boys at home : Ryan, Christian, and Daniel. I haven't seen them for so many years, they've changed and grown so much. They are so smart and well mannered, very impressive.

The boys were getting hungry as Mitzi and I were visiting with Greg and Amy.  I caught them wandering aimlessly around the house waiting for us to say, "Let's go to dinner!" Had to capture a picture of it :)

Pizza time at Mod!

What a good looking family.

Back at the house we visited some more. We enjoyed sharing stories from the past and had some good laughs.

The Coons love Star Wars. Daniel, Christian, and Ryan demonstrated these solid and durable light sabers for us.

We had  such a great time visiting and connecting again after so many years. I'm so grateful for Tiffany's family. I love them all so much and feel their love for me.