April 19, 2019

The Conditions are Great at Brian Head

2019 turned out to be a fantastic return to skiing!

The Conditions are Great at Brian Head

Monday morning Damon walked into the bathroom where Mitzi was soaking in the big tub.

"Hey Mitzi, the conditions are great at Brian Head. Want to go skiing today?"

She looked a little surprised, then smiled, and said, "Sure!"

So just like that they spent the day skiing.

Mitzi had retired from teaching 7th grade home ec in December. She was finding that relaxing in the morning was delightful and each morning when she woke up would say, "Hey Damon, guess what?"


"I'm so glad I don't have to go to school today!"

The prior Friday Damon had arranged with Damon Jr. to take Navy (almost 3) skiing at Sundance. So Damon and Mitzi made the trip up north.

Damon was a bit apprehensive. He had skied as a child and teen in the Sierra mountains of California, and once as a freshman in college, but hadn't skied in 30 years.

Mitzi on the other hand was an avid and frequent skier as a child and teen. She had taught her daughters to ski and while her husband Brandon didn't get into it, she still managed to get in a few times each year as an adult.

Damon and Mitzi enjoyed skiing with Navy and Damon Jr. They stayed on the bunny hill and did about 4 runs until Navy was good.

It came right back to Damon. He remembered how much he loved it and was surprised to find that he could still do it just as well as 30 years prior.

So a few days later on Monday morning, on a whim, he checked the weather conditions at Brian Head, a great family resort 1.5 hours from St. George. The weather was relatively warm (in the 30's) and sunny. Perfect. Damon hates the cold!

So he went to see if Mitzi wanted to spend the day skiing. Now you know the rest of the story. There's more though :)

When Damon was a teen, one of 7 children, it was rather expensive for his parents to buy food in the lodge. He saw, with envy, people sitting in the lodge drinking hot chocolate and wanted a cup for himself. This desire had been unfulfilled for decades!

When Mitzi and Damon were getting food in the lodge, Mitzi grabbed a large cup and started to fill it with hot chocolate so they could share it.

Damon said, "I'm sorry, this will sound odd, but just this one time I need to have my own cup of hot chocolate!"

Mitzi said, "Oh, okay(?)"

Damon explained with an embarrassed smile, "I have this decades old desire to have a cup of hot chocolate in a ski lodge and I have to have my own cup to fully satisfy the desire."

He got that cup of hot chocolate and FULLY enjoyed it!

Damon and Mitzi loved skiing together so much they bought season tickets for 2019-2020 and went skiing many more times in 2019. Damon purchased new skis, boots, and poles. They plan on enjoying many more outings in 2020!

They also hosted Taylor and Baylie one day, Damon took Damon Jr. two other days, and Damon and Mitzi took Maddy on a day.

Here's a video with some snippets from what has become a wonderful together activity for the two of them: