April 17, 2021

The Buffet Under the Lake

The Buffet Under the Lake

One of the walls in our family room is so large we needed a 12 foot wide buffet table to balance it out. Mitzi wasn't able to find one that worked, so she designed and built one from scratch!  (It took her about 1 month)

I wanted a very large photo on that wall. Mitzi suggested a picture of our lake. The timing was perfect, we had just received our new Leica Q2 camera.

At sunset we got a wonderful panoramic picture, divided it into 4 sections, and had it Giclee printed. We mounted them ourselves on core foam, installed a picture hanging system for the wall, and violà – we love it!

Mitzi sands the boards that will become the shelf.

White washing.

It's coming together.

Mitzi explores ideas on what to put on the shelves.

80% complete!

Using the nail gun to secure the shelving slats.

Mitzi here:  A memory I will always remember is the day I carried in the the air compressor, hose, and nail gun from the garage.  Damon said, "What have we here?"  "It's just my old nail gun.  I'm at a point I need it to secure the shelving."  "Nail Gun?  We own a Nail Gun?  Do you have any idea how much fun I would have had with this as a kid?"  "haha.... do you have any idea how much fun I have had with this as an adult?"  We had a good laugh :). She hadn't been used in years... but preformed great!

The buffet is complete!

The lake pictures are installed.

We celebrate our creative achievement! It's a good feeling to feel alive and creative again!