July 29, 2022

The 49th Lap

"keep on living, until you feel alive again" ~Jenny Worth

The 49th Lap

What an amazing year!  My favorite thus far.  

A year of Re-Emerging Aliveness for Creative Energy, Physical Strength, Health, Knowledge, A Social Life, & Independence.

Darling gifts and sweet messages from all the people I love so much!

I lost my new sun glasses on my bike ride home the day of my birthday.  The next morning DJ tracked me down an exact replica and replaced them.  Thank you kind soul.  He goes the marathon extra mile to make my life comfortable and enjoyable.

Some of my best Memories, Opportunities, Experiences.......

I love my sculling boat!  And that I have the energy and strength to pump it up, launch it, row it to the ocean, and put it away!

Cleared the mammogram and ultrasound hurdles for another year!

Reuniting with a Long Arm. Delicate Detailing.

Geometric Wizardry.

Piecing Magic.

Custom Artistry.

Sue Spargo Embroidery

A Heapful of Insighful Learning.

Grand Parenting Heaven!

Baby Malanah Motorhome Camping :)

Community Connections and New Friends!

The Ultimate Concert with my Amazing Girls and DJ!

And Jenny Worth, Always Inspirational and Spot On for me.

Thank you Damon and my Girls for an amazing year in the light.