November 29, 2021

Taylor Turns 28, We Get Winnie For The Day

Surprise! Taylor doesn’t know we stuck around to celebrate his birthday. We get to spend the day with Sweet Winnie.

Taylor Turns 28, We Get Winnie For The Day

Baylie asked if we could stay a couple days. It was a complete surprise for Taylor. He thought we left Phoenix a couple days earlier to head back home to Florida.

We had other plans though. After secretly spending the day before with Emily and Nechemia we knocked on Taylor's door at 10a on his birthday.


We had brought a birthday gift from Emily and Nechemia, and one from us as well. Taylor enjoyed opening them.

Winnie raises her arm in victory of a successful surprise :)

We get instructions from Baylie, reassure her that between the two of us we've raised 8 children and will take really good care of Winnie. Baylie is totally confident in us and we appreciate that. She hands Winnie to Mitzi and off they go for their birthday adventures.

We love this sweet little girl.

Lunch time! I surprise Mitzi with food from Tropical Café. We had one of our early dates with their food and it's always a fun experience to eat it again.

I get to feed Winnie. One of the most peaceful feelings I've experienced in life is feeding a small baby. They are so happy and content. It just feels like everything is right in the world for that moment.

Taylor and Baylie come home with Chipotle, one of Taylor's favorites. He digs in.

We visit with them more.

What a wonderful day. We are so grateful to celebrate Taylor's birthday with them and also for getting to spend the day with Winnie. It's sad to say goodbye.

In the early evening we began our 5 day trip back to Florida.