June 2, 2022

Taylor and Baylie in PCB

Taylor Baylie and Winnie visit us in Panama City Beach for the first time.

Taylor and Baylie in PCB

We've been anticipating this visit for a long while. When Taylor and Baylie were close to scheduling a trip to come visit us in Panama City Beach last year the plans were put on hold when they learned they were expecting Winnie.

Now that Winnie is 8 months old they embarked on their first trip with her and after going to a wedding in Kentucky, they came to visit!

We started things going to our favorite oyster restaurant, Simpli Seefood in Lynn Haven.

Baylie's first time eating an oyster :)

I got the crawfish boil, one of my favorite southern treats.

I don't remember why Winnie was making this face but it's adorable!

A selfie with Winnie while we were giving them a tour of the house.

Time to go visit the pool and the lake.

The sun was setting and it was beautiful.

Mitzi was telling Baylie a story :)

Back at the house I show them my little Bitcoin Bread project.

The next day we go shopping at Rosemary Beach. Baylie loved it and fit right in.

Beautiful family.

We meet our Wild Heron friend Lisa Malchow. She is an artist and we've gone to several of her art classes. We stopped in her art gallery at Rosemary Beach and it was fun to introduce her to Taylor and Baylie and Winnie.

One of the art pieces at the gallery. I like how the light reflects and glows through it.


To the beach.

After beach shopping at the Carousel gift shop.

And of course I made some sourdough bread. This one, marked with a Bitcoin ₿, is Bitcoin Bread.

Mitzi brought out a few toys from several decades ago :)

Mitzi made us Pastrami Swiss with the sourdough bread. Taylor loved it.

We had dinner at one of our favorite places, Pho 77.

The next day we all relocated to a rental house on Camp Creek Lake. Logan and Sydney and Benson were coming to visit so we got a bigger house where we could all stay and enjoy visiting together. That will be documented in the next post.

Spending time with this beautiful little family was top notch enjoyable.