January 25, 2022

A Golden Birthday for Syd

An Indiana Cabin to Celebrate Sydney's Golden Birthday!

A Golden Birthday for Syd

About a month ago Logan reached out to us and let us know they had rented a cabin in Indiana for Sydney's Birthday.  He invited us to come and surprise Sydney.  

As we turned down the long driveway to the cabin she spotted our motorhome and it all clicked.  She started running..... with no shoes :)  

We had an emotional embrace :)

I miss her so much and am so thankful for Logan inviting us to the party!

It is always so fun to see Benson.  He grows so much each time!

The main cabin is beautiful with heated floors, an enchanting loft, a hot tub, and games.

Damon and I are staying in a smaller cabin that is just as nice!

Logan decorated for Sydney's Birthday.  

Lots of play time!

The hot tub is on a deck that looks out onto a lake.  It was freezing, but beautiful!

Birthday dinner at Los Tres Cominos :)

And then a little Birthday Shopping at TJ's!  Lots of laughs and Benson played the piano for us the entire time :)

We stayed up until 10:29 pm and took some official birthday shots!  How can she be 25?  

It seems like yesterday we were at the University Hospital.  When we left the hospital to go home I almost couldn't believe they sent her with us.  I wanted to say to them, "Ummmm,  we actually have no idea how to take care of a baby."  

In the end, I'm pretty sure she has taken care of me, more than I have taken care of her.  She's a beautiful caretaking soul who I'm so glad to have in my life.

It was priceless to celebrate my baby's birthday with her darling family.

On our last night Damon and Logan feasted at a pub ;)

Sydney, Benson, and I did a little more shopping. He is such a little treasure!

The next morning we took one last photo and parted ways.  I feel like the luckiest mom and grandma on the planet!  Thanks for the birthday party!