August 8, 2022

Sydney and Benson

Syd and Benson come down to play while Logan is in Michigan.

Sydney and Benson

Day 1

Grandpa Damon makes his famous bread.  Nothing says "Welcome" like a fresh loaf of his bread :)

Feeding Grandma, the dog door, and the pool.  Heaven!

Benson is the most visually expressive person I have ever met.  Damon is a master at capturing him!

Only Grandma lets you learn to blow a whistle..... on a used whistle!  

The foot pop!  Damon noticed it and says Maddy and I do the same ankle turn. Proof he is right! (Maddy 2001 Halloween Monkey)

Day 2

Damon captures me telling Sydney one of our funny Motorhome stories.

Pool time with more whistle practice :)

Yes!  Bring on the Peach Pies!

Puzzles, Stairs, Dress up, Bears, Grandma's Secret Poop Deck, Golf Cart Rides! This place is a Magical Labyrinth!

Day 3

A trip to the Beach!

Country Music Videos :)

Pasta Dinner and a Late Night Swim.

Day 4

More Fresh Bread!  Thanks Damon!

Mmmmmmmmm Seafood Lunch!

30A Shopping and Corn Hole!

Late night Snack

Day 5

Grandpa has made his sourdough pancakes many of the days!  Benson loves food, and bubbles, and most everything :)

Dinner at Farm and Fire

Day 6

Cutest Bed Head :)

A quick diaper and peaches run..... no peaches :(

Shaka Dinner and playing with Grandpa and the Binoculars :)

Day 7

One last pancake day, playing ball, more county music, and marking Benson's growth.

One Last Lunch and Good Bye in an Epic Rain Storm. :(

We love you SOOOO Much!  Thanks for spending your week with us!