December 18, 2020

Surprise Arizona

Adventuring into a new life. Without a house. With each other!

Surprise Arizona

It's really only fitting that this new phase of life starts in, "Suprise," Arizona!  We reserved this little beauty about a month ago..... while we were still at the beach and still owned pebble.  All in anticipation..... of the next chapter.

But I'm getting a little ahead of the arrival.  First we had 2 last sleeps in St. George, one at the house and the other at Hampton Inn.  And 1 and 1/2 jam packed days of closing documents, family goodbyes, and the final car pack...... and then a big drive.  

By the time we arrived in Arizona late Saturday night we were tired! We unloaded and set up the house..... then we may have slept in, enjoyed a nice walk to the grocery store in 80 degree weather, and had a delicious Mt. Dew and Sushi lunch :)

We met an old friend of Damon's for lunch with his cute daughter.  We thought we were going to an Italian Restaurant..... oooops wrong door...... a breakfast place instead :)

We found out the "Forgotten Carols" were playing in Arizona and met the kids for the show!  

Damon decided to try another Hasselblad order and it came quick!  The Camera and the Lens together!  In perfect working order.  The anticipation was very exciting!  It's so Beautiful!

Damon immediately began taking pictures and playing with his editing skills.  

More fun the next day.... in the rain!

Emily invited us to a delicious Spaghetti Dinner at her house!  

Field Trip to an old dairy farm with a grapefruit grove, and then a sushi dinner on the way home :)

I had an inspiration and a burst of energy to create this new Christmas felt.  It will have to wait to get stitched until after Christmas, but I love how it turned out!

Top Golf with Taylor, Baylie, and Emily.  Beautiful sky and a yummy dessert!

Great hike around Papago Park.  Up giant rocks, down through dried river beds, getting comfy and enjoying the setting sun!  

After our adventure we met Emily for dinner!  She's beautiful inside and out!  Great conversations and delicious eats at Pita Jungle.

"Holiday Roll Making Day" at Baylie's!  It was her first attempt and she cashed in like a pro!  Soooooooooooo Delicious!  And Sooooooooo Fun!

Down Town Tempe!  The Bridges, the Lights, the Christmas Feel!  What a fun evening! Damon is such a fun date and so talented with the camera!

A little comfort food of Pho and Vermicelli tonight........ and as a really crazy side note...... I've found a home in Florida that I am in love with :)  And another crazy side note..... Lizzie is in Love!  She sends us a picture of her and Josh hiking in Zions.  Looks fun!

We are hosting Hanukkah on December 19th at our Surprise house.  We are extra excited because we are meeting Emily's friend Nachemia, who has flown in from NYC!!!!

Our plan of attack is for Damon to make his delicious chocolate sourdough bread.

Pick up some jelly doughnuts and Rudy's Brisket! (and sample an apple fritter in the process)

And Make Potato Lakes!

Then tune into the Janis Family Celebration over Zoom.

We also decide to make a quick trip to Panama City Beach, Florida. This home and area has really turned our heads.  We think we should see it in person before making any more decisions.  

So on Sunday the 20th, we meet Taylor, Baylie, Emily, and Nachemia for a quick 9 holes of golf and then take off to the airport!  The golfing was fun!  It was wonderful to meet and get to know Nachemia.  He was smart, a great communicator, friendly, and treated Emily so well.  It was really fun to have him join us for a few days :). 10/10!

.......and we're back! (the trip deserves has it's own post:)

On Tuesday we fly into Phoenix about the same time Lizzie and Josh arrive.  They are going to spend 2 days with us!  It's so fun to see Lizzie and meet Josh.  I remember him as a 12 year old.  He's a great person! Damon invites Josh to drive the Tesla.  We enjoy a delicious Mexican meal together.  Josh is kind, a great story teller, so nice to Lizzie, and has great ambitions and goals.  

The next day Lizzie gives us some DSU Swag and we enjoy modeling for her :)

Then we meet up with Taylor and Baylie to enjoy a hike up a steep hill and a delicious meal at Angry Crab :)

And just like that it's Christmas Eve!  We hit Top Golf with Lizzie and Josh and Damon and I both hit PR's :). It felt great!  I haven't hit like that for years!  It was so great to have Lizzie and Josh come for a few days.  I can't believe my baby is all grown up!  

We drop Lizzie and Josh at the airport and then head to Emily's.  Heather has flown in earlier that morning and we are excited to see and visit her.  We then meet up with Taylor and Baylie at a movie theater to see "It's a Wonderful Life."  

We enjoy Christmas morning just the two of us.  Did I really not take a picture of Damon?  I have him a grill basket for veggies and a kit for a facial.  He gave me a coat and a new card game.  

We head over to Taylor and Baylie's for an immaculate and delicious Christmas Dinner!  

Saturday the 26th we rested!  It has been a super great week!  So many wonderful activities and great time with family members.  What an awesome time to reflect and be happy.

Damon set up a little studio in the kitchen and worked on a photography art project.  It turned out wonderful!

Sunday the 27th.  We meet up with Emily and Heather to turn the Tesla in.  Emily wanted to take it for a spin before we let it go.  It sure was a fun car!

We met up with Taylor and Baylie for one last family dinner and to say our goodbyes.  We are so glad we got to spend this month with so many of our children!

Monday December 28th:  We send the earnest money for the Florida house, pack up, looks like Damon caught me taking 5, and we head out towards Tucson.  What a wonderful 3 weeks spent in Surprise!