November 12, 2021

St. Louis to Salt Lake City

The 20 hour drive from St. Louis to Salt Lake City.

St. Louis to Salt Lake City

It takes 20 hours to drive from St. Louis to Salt Lake City.

On our first day we stopped in Hamilton Missouri to visit the shops of the Missouri Star Quilt Company. Mitzi was in quilt supplies heaven.

We stopped for a snack in Mrs. Little's Tea and Toys.

The people that work at these stores are the friendliest around.

We had lunch at Eggo's Cafe.

The following day  was a long drive all the way to Rawlins, Wyoming. The wind had been blowing at 60+ MPH, we got harassed by a police officer in Cheyenne for turning onto a one way street construction zone, and were pretty tired by the time we go to Rawlins.

We did find a really good restaurant Ichiban there and had a top-notch meal.

And we stayed at the Hampton Inn in Rawlins. It was freezing!

The next day we drove on to Coalville and first visited Laura and Ashley at their house up in the mountains.

Then we drove over to Wanship and had a delightful fried chicken lunch made by Don and Kathy. This is the best fried chicken I've ever had. And I don't get an opportunity to have it much. So when I do, I really do.

We enjoyed our visit so much! Don and Kathy are great hosts. It was a delightful time.