November 23, 2021

St. George

We drive on to St George. Fun times seeing children and grandchildren. There may have been some water throwing at a restaurant. And some cake baking and decorating too.

St. George

The drive to St. George seemed so short. After driving so far on this trip the little jaunt from the Provo area to St. George was like a blip.

We rented a house for our stay. It was beautifully clean and much larger than we needed. 4 bedrooms!

Lizzie and Josh came by when we arrived and picked us up. We went to one of our favorite places – Anasazi.

The next day we got together with Damon and Macall's family at a park. These grandchildren are so fun to play with. Mitzi brought Navy and Cobalt sea shells she had collected from the beach in Florida. They were so excited to receive them.

Later in the day we went to Irmita's Casita with Josh and Lizzie.

At one point Josh was explaining to us that their cat Leo wasn't getting any exercise and was fat to the point he couldn't clean his bum resulting in white skin flakes coming off his fur. Lizzie wasn't pleased that he was calling their cat fat and this is the result haha

We went over to their casita that evening. Their Christmas decorations are up and lovely. We enjoyed getting a demo of how their portable bathtub works in the shower. And we enjoyed the hot tub and swimming pool.

Josh demoed the slide and how to incorporate blow up animals like killer whales and dragons into the fun.

Call us crazy but Mitzi and I really wanted some In-n-Out. So a late night run and we were in business!

For breakfast the next morning we went to River Rock Roasting Company in La Verkin. Another one of our favorite places.

Navy has been wanting to bake a cake. With strawberries. So we had her and Cobalt come over to the house for some baking fun. First they ran upstairs and found the bedroom with the double bunks. Navy said she wants a bunk bed and wants to be in the top bunk.

We had a great time baking. Navy cracked an egg for the first time. Mitzi showed her how to squeeze the batter bag to fill up the cupcake holders.

Then it was time to bake and frost. After eating some of the frosting raw of course :)

When Mitzi brought out the big cake and put it down on the counter Navy said, "Now you're talking!" We had a good laugh. As they decorated and ate the cake some crumbs definitely ended up on the floor :)

In the evening everyone came over to our house for a pizza dinner. It was a wonderful visit.

In the evening after the children went to sleep we arrived at Damon and Macall's house for some adult only time. We enjoyed a few rounds of Exploding Kittens (sorry Lizzie!) and had great fun and laughs.

This corn dog truck makes pretty much the best corn dogs we've ever had. A quick stop was certainly called for. We enjoyed the perfect corn dog and the fresh made potato chips. This food truck delivers happiness.

Navy and Cobalt came over again for more time with us. We had fun with sidewalk chalk (Navy wrote "Grandma Mitzi" and was very proud of it).

And kicking the huge ball in the house was a lot of fun too!

John and Val were able to join us for dinner, and Josh and Lizzie were there too. This was our last night in St. George before heading to Arizona. Life is full and fulfilling because of our relationships with family. We are very grateful for our families.