February 25, 2024

St. George

Fun times with Josh & Lizzie, Damon & Macall & Navy & Cobalt & Skye. A birthday party, fine dining, sewing, skiing.

St. George

We drove to St. George yesterday for a week with Josh & Lizzie and Damon & Macall.

Today is Navy's 8 year old birthday. Navy, Cobalt, and Skye are so fun to get together with. They were so excited to see us, as we them.

Their energy and excitement is contagious. They wanted to show us everything.

Cobalt and Skye are fast and don't stop moving – so some of the photos of them are not exactly clear haha.

We enjoyed cake and ice cream and Navy opened her presents.

We've been bringing lunch to Lizzie each day. Today was In-N-Out. Then Lizzie gave us a tour of her classroom. It's super organized, clean, and cute. Impressive!

We got to share date night with Damon and Macall. We went to Wood Ash Rye. We were there for two hours and the time passed so quickly. Great fun to hang with these two!

Navy has been wanting to learn how to sew for a long time. We took her to JoAnns where she picked out her fabrics to make a pillow case.

She's a quick learner. Mitzi showed her how to sew and iron and she got right on it and did a spectacular job.

We took her out to Chick-fil-a for lunch.

She had the Leica in the backseat as we drove around and she made some fun photos.

My parents came to visit Damon and Macalls family. They enjoyed seeing everyone and getting reacquainted with the great grandchildren.

We were going to take the grandkids to Culver's but the wait was 20 minutes so we got McDonalds instead.

The next day we took the kids to the pool.

Navy wanted to learn how to use the Leica M11. It requires manual focus and she great. She's a fast learner. She took this portrait of me and got the focus perfect.

Then we took them to Culver's for lunch. They were so well behaved.

Navy kept the Leica Q3 the whole time, and these are the pictures she took of our outing. She said she enjoyed being a photographer. She's really good!

We went out to a fun fine dining dinner with Lizzie and Josh at Rylu's in Santa Clara. They are great company, we enjoyed the evening with them, and the food experience was top notch.

We headed up to Brian Head and met Damon Jr, Navy, and Cobalt for a day of skiing. The weather was beautiful. Navy is totally independent and quite skilled. Cobalt is just about there too.

It felt good to be on skis again and we thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with them. It was sad to say goodbye as we are heading back up north tomorrow morning.

Damon Jr and Mitzi captured some video...


It's been a wonderful time in St. George with family. So many good memories.