March 28, 2022

Sourdough Immersive Experience

Today we enjoy our Sourdough Chocolate Pastrami Swiss Sauerkraut Pickle Open Face Sandwich. Oh my -- it's really rather ridiculously excellent!

Sourdough Immersive Experience

Every few weeks we make a loaf of from-starter sourdough bread. With chocolate.

The starter was started in Monterey California when we stayed at Pajaro Dunes for a few months in 2020. It's still going strong and makes a wonderful leaven for this simple and delicious bread.

This morning I got up a bit early, turned on the oven, took the dough out of the fridge where it's been resting for 48 hours, and prepared it for baking.

After 30 minutes at 500 this is what it looks like.

After 20 more minutes at 450 it comes out of the oven looking like this. Those dark spots are the chocolate pieces that have caramelized. It's not burned, it's caramelized by the sugar and delicious :)

Mitzi loves the aroma of a fresh baked bread in the morning. She had the honor of cutting the first piece.

The outside is super crunchy. Perfect. The inside is soft and spongy. Perfect. The chocolate is melty and warm. Perfect.

Her tradition is to cut it while it's warm and make a fruit and honey toasty with it for breakfast.

Time for the first bite!

Time to sit on the couch and enjoy! That honey is sweet and sticks to the fingers.

For dinner Mitzi made her world famous (in our little family of two) Sourdough Chocolate Pastrami Swiss Sauerkraut Pickle Open Face Sandwich. We just cannot get enough of this and without some self control would probably eat it every day :)