December 7, 2020

Snow Storm in Ohio, Quick Trip to St. Louis

Mitzi: three intense 3 weeks getting the house ready to sell. Damon: three weeks at Pritikin working on health. We meet in Ohio and get to visit Sydney and Logan in St. Louis.

Snow Storm in Ohio, Quick Trip to St. Louis

We meet up in Ohio then head to St. Louis. It's been a busy and strenuous 3 weeks for Mitzi getting the house ready to sell. She is getting much deserved rest.

We are heading to the Cleveland airport. However there was a hug snow dump over night and our little Toyota Camry rental car is having a very difficult time getting out. A super kind man with the hotel has been working for 20 minutes to help us get unstuck.

We are thinking making it to catch our plane is perhaps not going to happen. Ugh! We really want to see Logan and Sydney during our 2 day layover in St. Louis.

The roads are terrible but we eventually get to the airport and drop off the rental car. We've seen about 10 cars off the road and also a huge semi truck.

We make it safely and on time and are grateful.

So after the hectic and close call of missing our flight we relax in some massage chairs as we await our flight.

We are boarded and heading to the runway.


We make it to Sydney and Logan's house in St. Louis. Smiles and joy all around. Mitzi is so happy to see the expectant Sydney. It's a mom/daughter bonding time full of gratitude. Mitzi is surprised she lived long enough to see her daughter pregnant and is so pleased to be here for it.

"I love this picture of you two, your eyes are sparkling and you have this genuine joy radiating from your faces ❤️" -Damon

We are at our favorite Sauce On The Side, a long awaited return, I have been anticipating this for a long time! It does not disappoint.

Sydney has her weekly doctor appointment this morning for the baby. Mitzi is grateful she can be there and support. Baby Benson, looking good already!