February 9, 2020

Skiing Success x2

A play date on the slopes!

Skiing Success x2

Having adult children call and ask if they can come for the weekend to go skiing..... is one of the best things!  

Taylor and Baylie drove up from Arizona on Friday.  They arrived just in time for dinner.  We drove over to town and enjoyed some Slurpin Ramen.

On Saturday morning, Damon and Taylor left right after breakfast so they could take advantage of an all day pass.

Taylor has snowboarded only a few times, and moves like a Pro!!!

Mitzi, Baylie, and Lizzie came up for the afternoon ski session. Lizzie had not skiied in 5 years...... pre-Achilles surgery. Baylie had skied once last year with Damon and once as teenager. Both were ready to advance their skills!

Damon and Taylor came over from Giant Steps to meet up and have some lunch.

Baylie, Taylor, and Mitzi headed up the bunny hill.

Damon and Lizzie paired up and took off down the hill.  Lizzie was skiing like an old pro!  No leg pain, No foot pain, and great control!   She had a big smile all day long!

By the last hour Lizzie and Baylie were conquering Paradise over on the Najavo side!  

When we were deciding where to go to dinner Damon was naming off the local restaurants..... Benja's, Durango's, Anasazi....... Taylor's eyes got very big!  

"The steak place?  Well, if you are offering...... Anasazi!"

Our waiter, Mark, is also the owner.  He sat down with us to take our order.  

Dinner arrived.......YUM!

Mark decided to bring over a small meal for himself and join in.  Wonderful food, company, and conversation.  

And then it was Sunday.  We shared brunch together and they drove home.  What a wonderful quick visit!