December 21, 2021

1957 Singer Featherweight

Picking up a Small and Mobile Classic!

1957 Singer Featherweight

I was introduced to the wonders of this little beautiful machine, years ago..... via my membership in the Red Rock Modern Quilt Guild.  And then I forgot about it for a while. This year she's crossed my radar a few times.  On our long road trip I had two sewists tell me how much they loved theirs.  

That's It!  It's Time!  

I found one out in California and it shipped in just a few days.  It's beautiful and has been sooooooo well taken care of.  It's hard to Imagine all that she's tackled in her 64 years.

Damon captured so many wonderful moments!

She's Incredibly Light! Especially compared to my Bernina :)

The folding plate is just so cool!

Turning her around for a good Leica Shot.

And to get her ready for our motorhome travels I wanted to make a plate cover.  I remembered about a classic red and white quilted hot pad I had made over a decade ago and had tucked away.  I unpicked the bottom and sewed on a bias.  It is the most perfect and classic finishing touch!

Thanks so much DJ for all of your kind support!