May 12, 2024

Rome v2

A few more days in Rome with Mother's Day being our last full day here.

Rome v2

We came back from Pompeii and had a couple more days in Rome before our ship leaves tomorrow (May 13).

Mitzi saw this little car and dang she is fast with her Leica! Great shot!

We had a lunch at Mercato Trevi. That had sushi, among other things like Italian food :)


We were very happy to see the dessert chef bring out dessert!

We walked over to the Trevi Fountain.

First picture: Trevi Fountain no people. That was a tough shot to get!

Second picture: what Trevi Fountain actually looks like: people galore!

At dinner we ate at a nearby Italian restaurant. Toward the end of dinner I noticed this drawing that was right above Mitzi's head the whole time – it's titled "il maledugatto" which means, "the cursed cat". What a view from the rear haha.

This morning May 12 if Mother's Day. It is also Race for the Cure so they had the streets of Rome closed to motor traffic.

Oh the bliss! They should do this every day!

Not having cars on the streets makes it a totally different experience. You can actually enjoy walking around without spending 80% of your brain power just keeping yourself from getting killed.

More empty streets. Bliss.

I took Mitzi out for breakfast at La Lucata. A popular breakfast place with a line to get in.

It was totally worth waiting for. We enjoyed breakfast in the window.

I took Mitzi jewelry shopping after breakfast. We've never done that before. On our way we walked into this church. Beautiful!

I took a picture of Mitzi taking this picture. She aligned it perfectly! This is unedited, it's composed exactly as she composed it with the camera. Impressive!

This building with ivy is nice, but might need a little haircut.

We found a jewelry shop and enjoyed looking at the items.

Mitzi found an earring/ring set she liked and I bought it for her. Picture coming.

New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. In Rome.

This little old lady was shopping in a clothing store. She was all decked out in heels and accessories I had to get some pictures.

After our successful jewelry shopping it was time for Venchi ice cream.

And look again at those streets with no cars.

The Anti-Social Social Club. My kind of club haha.

And here are the earrings and ring – beautiful!

We had dinner at Gandhi II, an Indian Restaurant. While we've loved Italian food, honestly we were ready for some variety. Indian food fit the bill perfectly.

Mitzi did some shopping after dinner and bought this cute light sweater.

On our walk back to the hotel the light was soft and made for some pretty pictures.

That's it for Rome. We are very grateful to be here, to have spent so much time in Italy. Our cruise will take us to some other countries and back to Rome, but we'll be heading to Portugal.

Italy is a beautiful country. We have found it lovely, historical, interesting. We have also found it overbearing, difficult to move around in, and inefficient. A mixed bag – one we are grateful to have experienced.