September 12, 2021

Coconut Tea Cake


Coconut Tea Cake

It's been 5 years since I made this cake.

At the time of the accident, I had no understanding for the magnitude of the impact.  No idea how it would effect my abilities, my desires, my thoughts....... my bloody relationship with this cake :)

It's a GOOOOOOOOD cake.  It's my favorite cake.  Probably my signature cake. I've made and gifted it 100's of times.  

Until I unconsciously stopped.  No desire.  No appetite. No cake thoughts.  

And then this summer.... I was in my old familiar TJ Maxx.  Just paroozing for a gift for our College Degree Achieving Darling Daughter-in-Law, and I saw some delicate pans.... with a scalloped edge..... and I had the thought!  These pans would make a darling coconut cake :0

The thought surprised me so much, I took a picture and sent it to Damon.  A Record that it really happened :)

And as soon as I made it home to Florida, I acted on that desirous joyful thought! My old neighbor Courtney would be happy to know, I even had the ingredients! She bailed me out constantly during those years.

It turned out perfect!  And so did the left-over-batter-baby-bundts! Delicious and beyond satisfying, both physically and mentally.

It's been an Interesting and Surprising summer for me. Old thoughts, desires, and abilities have surfaced almost spontaneously.  It's both a relief and a shock.

When Damon had been healing for about 2  1/2 years he began to have the desire and ability to program again.  He re-wrote Quest and created Basil Books.

At 2 1/2 years I stopped off at a quilt shop and bought a bundle of fabric.  It was such an interesting experience I wrote a post about it.

At nearly 5 years of healing Damon took on building and creating Podium.  The most creative and difficult programming project of his life.  

I'm at the 5 year mark.  Lately I have experienced a discernible difference in my mental and physical capabilities.  

I'm not professing that miraculous growth or healing occurs at these distinct times, I just find the similarities in timing Interesting.  I wonder if others have experienced something similar.

I finished my first book in 5 years!  Reading on the treadmill was a ritual of mine.   A coping tactic I developed in my twenties to burn off stress and calories.   Oh how I've missed a body and mind that could simultaneously move fast and concentrate.  

While we were in Clear Water I did a search for quilt shops in the area.  The title of this one caught my eye.

I wandered, roamed, and dreamed of projects for over an hour.  I exited with 4 projects.  FOUR!  Interesting.

My sewing room has been a hub of multiple visions of creativity!  

I walk, ride my bike, maneuver the elliptical, and swim almost every day.  I bend over and notice mushrooms.  I take the time and effort to juice.

So many abilities and true loves have resurfaced in life again.  It brings up so many memories of that woman I was before the accident.  

I was thinking about her the other day, and decided to look up a picture.  I couldn't help but compare a side by side.  I took a minute to check in with her.

She's thankful.  She digs my short grey hair and wrinkles.  She's glad I'm not circling 3's this year.  She's so relieved we've made it this far!

I'm grateful for good grief resources and the ability to adapt and heal.  

My adult daughters have recently said to me....., "Mom, don't you feel like we are all finally functioning pretty normal?"  


And just in case you wondered.....