May 17, 2024

Queen Victoria - Rhodes, Greece

We board Queen Victoria for a 14 day cruise. First stop: Rhodes, Greece.

Queen Victoria - Rhodes, Greece

Before getting into our Queen Victoria cruise, I realized there were a few pictures missing from the Rome post.

We caught the train from Pompeii to Rome and had a nice ride. I really like these high speed trains. We were going nearly 300km/h (about 187mph) much of the time so we made the 130 mile journey in about 70 minutes. Nice!

After we got back we unexpectedly passed the Pantheon on our way to dinner so we got one more picture.

After hanging out in Rome and keeping things low key for 3 days, it was time to board the Queen Victoria!

Always an exciting moment to walk across the gangway and step on a ship again.

That evening we relaxed in the spa while the sun was setting.

The next morning we passed an active volcano on our way to Greece.

This room is really great. Mitzi has her own big station for her sewing projects.

I have a nice station for my computer.

And being in a Queens Grill suite we have a butler who is happy to get our meals at the amazing Queens Grill and it to our room.

As we neared Greece we passed through a narrow channel with Sicily on one side and Italy on the other – the Straight of Messina.

The next morning we arrived in Rhodes, Greece. We hired a driver to take us around.

It's a beautiful place!

We went up to Lindos Acropolis. Mitzi needed to put on some sunscreen before we hiked up to the top of the mountain.

It felt good to have the physical health to hike up there. Something we don't take for granted and are grateful for every day.

There were many vendors on the way up the mountain.

We reached the top!

After coming back down the mountain it was time for lunch. We picked Lassu, a rooftop restaurant.

Before our climb up Mitzi purchased this bandana to make it easy to carry the water bottles and sunscreen. She's so creative!

The food was excellent. The weather perfect. The rooftop was quiet and peaceful. We had a great lunch.

There are a lot of stray cats roaming around. When Mitzi took this picture of the cat licking itself, an old man was watching her. When I made eye contact and smiled at him acknowledging what Mitzi was doing, me and the stranger laughed.

Our driver took us around to a couple more places where we could see the beauty.

We made it back to the ship, happy to have experienced a little bit of Greece together.

We decided to have our dinner on the balcony as we sailed from Rhodes on our way to Turkey.