June 25, 2023


A peaceful 3 weeks at the best resort ever!


June seemed like a great time for Damon to enjoy Pritikin.  He hasn't been back for nearly 3 years.  Ahhhhhh it is as beautiful and delicious as ever!

Damon's in the Sam Snead Building this time.  Classy classy hotel :)

The grounds are meticulously kept.  

It's the best place ever to get a cardio check-up!  

And indulge in delicious healthy food!

A chance to work incessantly on a new idea!

Perfect Help
An AI therapy program. Genius!!!

After my trip to Alaska I head to Miami to join Damon.  I had a 3:30 am wake up call.  Then a 6 hour, 2700 mile flight.  By 4:30 est I was exhausted.  As I walk to the baggage carousel I debate whether to take a taxi or a Lyft into town to find Damon. And then I looked up and see a dude with a camera....... and Orange shoes :).   Ahhhhhhhhh what a great sight!  I hadn't seen Damon for 2 weeks!  It was an awesome suprise!

And at the hotel, these were waiting for me!  WOW!  And they smelled AMAZING all WEEK!!!

Once I got settled, we headed over to dinner.  Oh this place is nice!  And delicious!  

And it's Father's Day!  So I bust out the gifts!

Their breakfasts are the best!  The fruit is so ripe and delicious!

Damon does his swim workout and we enjoy the delightful warm humid temps!

Afternoon Facial via Alaskan Glacier Mud!

We enjoy some exercise classes together :)

More Delicious Meals.

A beautiful walk and some photos.  

Love ya Damon!  Thanks for taking Great Care of Yourself!

My last day.  Damon paints my face, we enjoy a last delicious meals and I take Mr. DJ's picture in the Pritikin lobby:)

Damon has noticed this random tooth brush on his walking path the past few weeks.  Each day he spots it and strategically places it for someone to possibly pick up and toss. Day after day...... week after week...... yard crews come and go, yet the tooth brush remains.  On Damon's last day, he retires the hearty brush.

Another great stay.  Success for mind, body, and spirit.  Thanks Pritikin!