January 19, 2022

Pink Martini

First trip from home in Baby Malanah, we join a Pink Martini concert in Jacksonville.

Pink Martini

A year ago I purchased tickets for Pink Martini. A music group that has been creating music and performing for 25 years.

I found their music a few years ago and enjoy the many types and genres they perform. When I saw they were performing in Jacksonville 4 hours away I got us some great tickets.

Shortly after the March 2021 show got cancelled and later rescheduled for Jan 2022. Which was perfect since we just got Baby Malanah a few weeks ago we could make the trip to Jacksonville in her.

Off to a new adventure!

Taking driving breaks is so convenient. We have our own toilet and all the food and supplies needed. Other than filling with diesel we can take our entire break inside the vehicle.

Mitzi makes me a healthy salad for lunch. She's always making me great food and I'm so appreciative.

This is the first time Mitzi is driving Baby Malanah. She does it like a PRO.

We stayed at a Harvest Hosts location. Our first time. It's a hay farm called Hay Stack Farm in Lake City, Florida. A beautiful spot to spend the evening and night.

The next day we finished our drive to Jacksonville. Before the show we had dinner at Super Food and Brew in downtown.

This dog and owner came by our window earlier in the dinner. The dog peed on the lamp post. I remarked to Mitzi how dogs seem to poop and pee in front of me. They are telling me that they own the universe and us humans are their servants.

I was just coming back from the restroom at the end of our meal when the dog a owner were in front of us again. I said to Mitzi, "there's that dog again!".

And the dog immediately started pooping haha. Unhappily the fellows legs are blocking the view somewhat. But that is the dog doing it's business right on the sidewalk 4 feet from where we are sitting.

To the the owner's credit he dutifully picked up the warm steamy poop and carried it off with him.

The Pink Martini concert was at the historic Florida Theater. A beautiful building with an interesting history.

I had to get brave to take this picture. I wanted one of the audience. We were early so it wasn't full yet. It was still embarrassing. I went up to the front, turned around, and got some pictures. Mitzi is laughing because she knows how uncomfortable I'm feeling.

I got one picture with the Leica during the concert. It was such a fun concert, so many of the songs I knew and enjoyed singing along. Quietly. And tapping my fingers on Mitzi's shoulder and arm. So so fun.

After the show we captured a couple more photos in front of the theater.

And that's a wrap. The next day we headed north toward Nashville. That adventure, which has a surprise twist, will be documented in the next post.