November 16, 2022

Our Property Children

We celebrate our investment property children!

Our Property Children

The children that give and give and give haha.

We love our human children. And our property children don't come anywhere close to how much our human children mean to us. So this post is a little tongue in cheek. But only a little.

As our children's generation call their pets their children, we've decided to call our investment properties our children :)

We have 27 property children. They just keep multiplying.

A human child is conceived in a moment of pleasure. Then comes nine months of uncomfortable pregnancy. Followed by a violent and painful birth. Followed by 20 years of really hard work and sacrifice and expense.

A property child is the opposite in every way.

Conception may not involve pleasure. I guess it could though now that I think about it.

The birth is peaceful. Then comes the years of increased passive income.

At a time we decide we sell the child for a nice profit. Then we take that money and use it to procreate more children.

The more property children we birth the richer we get. The more human children we had over the years the poorer we got.

A few weeks ago Mitzi got an idea to map out all of our property children visually. So she created this map and put pins on it in the locations.

So here's to our property children! May they continue to replicate :)