August 17, 2021

One more summer trip.....

Lizzie and Josh's Sealing in Logan, and a few extra stops;)

One more summer trip.....

Flying back to Utah one more time this summer, Damon captures a picture of me gazing out the window high above the ground.

A layover in Dallas means lunch.  We share some chips and a great little pizza.

We chose to fly into St. George...... for obvious reasons :)  We head to Damon and Macall's to have dinner and play.

Lizzie and Josh brought pie and ice cream to share.  Damon perfectly captures the ice-creamed plate on the edge and Cobalt:)

The following day the two Damon's headed out to lunch!  Cafe Sabor is a favorite!

I kept the kiddo's while Macall was at work.  My opening Interaction with Navy was priceless!

Navy:  Hey Grandma, What did you bring to do?

Me:  A Painting Activity!  But first let's change you out of those nice school clothes.

Navy:  No.  I'm meeting my kindergarten teacher today and mom said to leave these clothes on until the meeting is over.

Me:  You look darling!  But I don't think you should paint in those clothes.  Let's just change you into some older clothes and then when we are done painting, we will put your new school outfit back on.

Navy:  Why would a Grandma tell me something different than a mom?

Me:  Because your mom didn't know Grandma was bringing paints.

Navy:  Oh, that makes sense.

And then we changed her back into her new school clothes and played with her new kitties  that Lizzie had passed down to her:)

The Damon's returned back from lunch and off they went to Kindergarten Testing :)

Grandpa and I stayed behind to play with the boys.  They are so darling, smart, and full of fun!

Josh had a new pair of temple pants that needed to be hemmed.  Lizzie asked me to show her how.  I loved seeing their 1st apartment and sewing with Lizzie.  Then we had some sushi at Benja's.

After dinner the kids came over to the hotel to swim.  They are little fish!

Macall shows Navy how to dive off the edge.  Navy executes perfectly!

Skye loves his floaty.  He is all smiles and such a darling baby.

We watch Damon and Macall toss and play and toss some more. It reminds us both how much energy and attention this phase of life takes.  They are great parents and an Incredible parenting team!

The next day we drive up north to see Maddy and her new classroom.  It's such a treat!  It seems like just yesterday I was setting up a classroom and now It's my Mad-dog.  She has made great lesson plans and resources.  I'm so happy and excited for her.

After the school tour we head to Bajio so I can get my favorite tacos :)

We continue our drive north and stop at my sister's store.  Gretchen manages a Tractor Supply In West Haven.  It's such a treat to see her :)

And then onto Logan for the Sealing.

We had both of Josh's Grandparents, Great Grandma and Grandpa Peterson, Brandon's Parents, and Josh's Parents.  

I am happy to share in this with Lizzie.  She's a beauty, Inside and out!

Zac and Shauna took us to dinner afterwards.  It was delicious and fun!

One more meet up with Gretchen and Courtnie.  We shared a delicious breakfast and I enjoyed telling them about real estate investing.  Gretchen gave me a darling mushroom as we left.  Our mom loved mushrooms and so they are a special symbol of love in our family.  

We stop by and see my Grandma Gwen.  She was recently moved into a long term care facility.  She will turn 91 next week and has been widowed for 14 years.   While we were visiting some other family members showed up.  It was great to see them!

I love this picture Damon captured of Grandma Smiling so Big!  We all really enjoyed the visit!

Then we were on to Wanship.  Kathy recently had her knee replaced.  She is up and doing well.  My dad cooked up his special fried chicken and Maddy brought dessert.  It was delicious!  And so fun to catch up!

I don't know how Damon does it, but he captures the best moments!  Priceless moments of utter Joy!  Moments I love looking at.  Thanks DJ for supporting and capturing this family trip!