August 13, 2020

A Pebble Summer

Enjoying all summer has to offer in 110 degree heat :)

A Pebble Summer

We are back at the Pebble House ..... for a few months. Holy smokes it's HOT here!  The 68 degrees we left behind at Parjaro Dunes seems like another planet.  

Despite the 100+ degree temps it's great to see my girls, enjoy some extended family gatherings, and figure out our next move in this new phase of life.

Here's a recap of our summer events:

We watched the Grand Dogs while Maddy went back east to visit Preston.  We even installed a dog door through Maddy's old closet before she left!  The dogs love it! They look like killers..... but they are really sweet.

Damon has continued his amazing sourdough streak with the addition of Dark Chocolate!  Oh it was Delicious!!!

While making a quick trip to Salt Lake for the Janis family reunion we stopped at an old favorite, The Timberline, for some breakfast.  To our delight they were NOT playing Virus!  It was Heaven!  Workers treated us normally, no masks, no stay apart signs..... just good ole fashion service and delicious food!  Literally the best feeling in there!

Once we made it to Salt Lake and masked up to check into our Hotel, we decided to find some dinner.  A Brazilian restaurant was nearby.  Damon had frequented it when he lived with Roark.  I'm not remembering the names of the things we ate, but it was delicious!

The next day we headed to the water park for the reunion.   Damon was in charge. He was very generous and paid for everyone to get in and eat a delicious chicken fajita meal.  We had around 40 people attend and everyone had a nice time.  The only down side.... we literally took only 2 photos while we were waiting for everyone to arrive.  

On our way home, late in the evening, we could not help but stop at the Timberline once more!  The spaghetti and shrimp scampi was Amazing and Delicious!

This summer marked 47 revolutions around the sun for me.  I have always loved my birthday...... until the first year after Brandon died.  Lots of physical and emotional pain.    WHAT A JOKE!  It marks just how much time and change and loss has happened.  Another bit of "unexpected collateral damage from the accident" :(

My girls and Damon came at it from a different angle this year....... They jumped ahead of the grief train before it could even get going.  They put together a 10 day count down that totally caught me by surprise.  I loved it!  So kind.  So loving. I had a wonderful experience!  

Notes, chocolate, licorice, cakes, clothes, lotion, fresh "M" bread, fabric, ice cream, shoes, dinner.  I feel like a Queen! I feel so Loved!

Sometime near the end of Obama's Presidency I saw a picture on TV which compared how he looked entering the office to how he looked 8 years later upon exiting. The commentator emphasized how the stress had aged him........ "easily noticeable in his hair follicles."

Over the past few years I've noticed my hair whitening at lightening speed.  I've thought a lot about that Obama photo.  

I knew there would come a time when the scales would tip and I would embrace my silvering.

This spring it all seemed to align...... restricted hair appts, becoming an empty nester, the freedom to live in different locations.  All of those reasons seemed to say...."It's Time!"

I asked Damon, "What would you think if stopped coloring my hair?"  He smiled and said, "I think I would be Curious."  We had a good laugh.  I cut off 1/2 the length and embraced the idea of weird streaks while it grew out.  

About 4 months into this process a woman who had briefly been in my ward years ago messaged me.  She had seen our pictures on social media and was "curious" if I was embracing the grey.  She was enthusiastic about my decision and offered her skills to even out the transition.  

I accepted!  And 9.5 hours later...... she had done it!  We had a great time and I love the results!

On this trip up north, while I was getting my hair done, Damon was able to spend some time with his parents and Heather.  He brought them some of his delicious bread!  

Maddy shared with us a favorite Italian restaurant and we wore our new mesh masks that Damon invented!

And we had a delicious breakfast courtesy of my dad and Kathy in their beautiful back yard.

Damon has been programming up a storm on Podium and enjoying the Tony Robbins break through challenges.  He's loving watching his business grow with his marketing and sales efforts!  Go DJ!

He also acquired his first Hasselblad Camera!  ooooooo lala

I've enjoyed a few hand sewing felting projects this summer.  I also love my morning bike rides through the alfalfa and sunflowers.

We enjoyed celebrating Maddy's 21st birthday before she took off to spend her birthday in the Big Apple.  I can't believe she is 21!  She's so talented at baking and sewing.  She's a really great Speech Language Grad Student. And I've so loved the bonus time I've had with her this year.

And if the summer has not been fun enough...... Damon and I resealed a toilet!  It's never sat solidly in the master bathroom.  Always a little shimmi shake to it.  I told him I had paid a plumber to reset it years ago and it only lasted a few days.  He said..... we can fix it.  By dang..... He removed it.... I cleaned up the mess..... he secured it back into place!  Solid as a Rock!  What a team :)