September 5, 2023

Oceania Marina - Sea Day, Weymouth, Portsmouth

An unexpected sea day, then the beautiful vacation town of Weymouth, and the busy port of Portsmouth.

Oceania Marina - Sea Day, Weymouth, Portsmouth

We were scheduled to dock in Ringaskiddy near Cork, Ireland today. However it was so foggy this morning the port was closed. By 10:30a the Marina captain made the decision to head out toward Portland instead of waiting for the fog to list and the port to open, which was all uncertain.

So we spent the day at sea.

The water was beautiful and calm. There was almost no wind. So peaceful and beautiful.

It was so warm we went to the Aquamar Spa and enjoyed the hot tub and lounging in the sun in the afternoon.

We had dinner at the Red Ginger on board. Of course on board, we are at sea all day :)

We've heard so much good about this restaurant. It did not disappoint.

I've never seen this before. They pour hot water on these dry clothes that are squished down. As the water is absorbed the cloth grows and now you have a warm cloth to clean your hands. Nice!

The sea bass was the most recommended entré people have recommended. Mitzi got the lobter pad thai. I got the sea bass. Oh my, they were TOP NOTCH!

We shared a table with another couple and chatted with them. After desert Mitzi was telling a funny story. I love her laugh and expressions of joy. She's a wonderful dining companion and great conversationalist.

UK - Weymouth

What we saw when we opened the curtains this morning.

To our delight we saw the Celebrity APEX as we got off our ship. It was docked right next to us. This is the ship we took in April a few months ago and had such a wonderful time on it. So fun to see it again.

Our first visit in Weymouth was visiting the castle where Henry VIII sometimes went.

That's the cutest British soldier I've ever seen!

We walked around Weymouth enjoying the warmth and sun.

At one point Mitzi walked down these stairs off a bridge. I stayed at the top to get her picture but she didn't know it. I snapped the picture right as she started looking around wondering where I had gone to :)

Donkeys on the beach!

Fun seeing people enjoying the beach.

We had spotted a restaurant saying they had "Toasties". Didn't know what they were, curious to find out. We ordered a cheese toastie and it was a delicious grilled cheese sandwich!

Our ride back to the port was on a double decker bus. We sat up front at the top. But it was too hot with the sun shining on us. So we went below. But the metal down by Mitzi's feet was radiating lots of heat. So she moved over to a seat with more space and away from the metal.

Back on ship we saw some dolphins swimming in the harbor near us.

Then we saw the Celebrity APEX sailing away.

We had dinner in the Jaques french restaurant. We are so spoiled.

For most passengers this is the last night of their cruise. We get to stay until Sept 17 and are really glad we don't have to get off tomorrow.

UK - Portsmouth

Today was a switch over from one cruise to another. We had the ship to ourselves for a couple hours after everyone got off and before the new passengers boarded.

We decided to stay on the ship. Keep it simple and low key today.

I saw the captain helping people leaving the ship by carrying their luggage down the gangway. He's a super friendly guy and clearly loves his job. I've never seen a ship's captain serving like that.

I swam for my workout while Mitzi walked around the track on the deck above the pool. The ship was empty, so nice. The water is cold and it took a few minutes to get in.

We had lunch in the Terrace Café then lounged by the pool with ice cream.

It's a busy port here. Ferries run between England and France in this port. Oil tankers and container ships dock here too.

The captain was down on the gangway part of the time  while the new passengers were boarding. He was helping carry people's bags up the gangway and welcoming them on the ship.

As we pulled out of port a brass band played music for us on the dock. Nice touch!

We had dinner in the Terrace Café as the sun was setting. A beautiful evening and we are excited for the next phase of our adventure.