September 15, 2023

Oceania Marina - Malmö, Copenhagen, Lysekil, Sea Day

Our last stops on this cruise are among the most beautiful.

Oceania Marina - Malmö, Copenhagen, Lysekil, Sea Day

Sweden – Malmö

We didn't know what to do or expect in Malmö, and pretty large city in Sweden. Turned out – amazing! We had a wonderful time and got some amazing photos, if I must say so.

Last night as we left the port I had a wonderful view of the Pilot boat picking up the harbour pilot as he left our ship.

Ok, back to Malmö. We got off the shuttle bus that Oceania hired to take us into the city. We started walking and came upon this self-hosted electric boat rental.

"Let's do it!" we said. So we had a wonderful time motoring through the channel system. So quiet and peaceful and beautiful. What a great way to see the city.

After completing the boat ride, we started walking around again.

Then we came across this huge church. It is 700 years old. It was enormous. And so ornate.

We had our third and last dinner at Red Ginger on the ship tonight. Such a wonderful dining experience. We got the sea bass. It never fails to delight.

Also got a rack of lamb. Mmmm. Mitzi got the lobster pad thai again. She's come to love pad thai, might have been influenced by me a tad :)

Denmark – Copenhagen

We thought we'd still be in Malmö today. So when we woke up and opened the curtains and an entirely new view met our eyes, we were surprised!

"Where are we?" We looked at our phones and realized we had sailed to Copenhagen :)

Copenhagen has a wonderful Leica store. We decided to head over there and see what the options are for repairing the M11 that got broken in Skagen. Best option is to ship it home them ship it to the repair center in New Jersey.

We decided to walk around a bit and decide what to do. It was fun to walk and talk and take pictures.

The Swatch store picture is because Shelby and John used to cell Swatches at the mall in Modesto back in the early 90's. So I got the picture to send to them for old times sake :)

We decided to buy another new M11. It's an amazing camera and I've been missing it. Shooting with it just feels right to me. It was all the excitement all over again of buying a new Leica.

There was a Tumi store literally across the street. That was perfect. We got another carry on bag for all the Leica boxes we have now. When we get to London we'll be shipping a lot of them home.

Lucan was super helpful getting it all setup for me.

We went back to the ship with the new camera and bag. After getting the M11 setup we headed out again to the city to see the sights.

The Little Mermaid statue is the most visited attraction in Copenhagen. We found it underwhelming. The other statues and buildings in the city are just so much more astounding and spectactular.

This has been my favorite church so far on this trip – Frederik's Church. It's Lutheran built in the 1700's. Truly amazing. Astonishingly beautiful. Pictures can't capture the feeling one has inside with the vastness and space.

Mitzi saw thie cat in the window and snapped a picture for the cat lovers in our family.

My favorite sparkling water on this cruise is called green. I think it's from Iceland, not sure though. It just tastes great and is highly carbonated which I like.

A few weeks ago the ship got a new load of soda water. But it was a different brand and the green brand was suddenly in short supply.

Our butler Churchill had already figured out green was my favorite. They kept showing up in our fridge. Then a few days ago when I thought I was out, he showed me a secret stash he's been hiding – in our room! Everytime he runs across some green cans he grabs them and hides them away for me. What a great butler!

We had dinner at the italian Toscano restaurant tonight. They serve special olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping the bread in. Our server recommended this fruity and peppory one called Olio. Yum.

The food on Oceania is so consistently amazing and this dinner was the same.

The serving staff is great. Always smiling, smartly dressed, well groomed, super friendly and accommodating.

The gravy with the lamb was so tasty. I sopped it up with the rolls and as you can see was pretty much in heaven.

Walking back to our cabin we got a picture of the big O.

Sweden - Lysekil

Our last port before we arrive in the UK in a couple days. The weather was cold and wet and windy. We decided to go onshore, however at the last minute we bailed and decided to stay on the ship because passengers arriving back from shore were wet and cold.

We ate lunch on the ship and had a quiet afternoon. Mitzi sewing, me working on my software.

In the middle of the afternoon we sailed from Sweden. The rocks around here are beautiful.

A tug boat helped us out of the port.

We had dinner at the Polo Grill steak house. I was getting a picture of Mitzi as we were waiting to be seated 0ops she is out of focus :)

We had another wonderful dining experience. We just can't believe how equisite the food experience is with Oceania.

At the end of dinner one of the servers asked if we would like our picture taken.

We said yes. I handed the Leica M11 to him. He held it like a treasure. Took a couple pictures. Then handed it back. He had a huge smile on his face. Leicas are just amazing cameras.

Sea Day en route to Portsmouth

Today was our last day on the ship. We were at sea all day. In the morning we'll arrive in Portsmouth and start our adventures in London, The Lakes District, and Edinburgh. Can't wait!

We had a quiet day on the ship. We enjoyed tea time in the afternoon. Mitzi got her scones she loves so much. I got the sandwiches I love so much.

The sunset was amazing tonight. The seas have been calm all day and the ship so smooth. Can't even tell she's sailing.

We had dinner in the Terrace Café. We didn't eat too much. We are going to miss the cuisine on this ship!

That's a wrap for our Oceania Marina experience. Wonderful is probably the best word to describe it. So so wonderful.