August 5, 2023

Oceania Insignia - Halifax

A visit to Halifax in Canada, Mitzi gets some great pictures.

Oceania Insignia - Halifax

We entered Canada today and that means we will be outside the United States until December. It was a cloudy day but relatively warm.

We walked around and found a Black Sheep restaurant. Mitzi wanted my picture, since I'm an out-of-the-box thinker therefore a bit of a black sheep person in society :)

We found a great Phó restaurant called Phó Maniac and enjoyed a spicy lunch. Mitzi was on a roll with great photos today!

Mitzi found a dress at a shop in Halifax and wore it to dinner. She sure looks great!

Mitzi had a blueberry cobbler. I told her I was going to lick the plate when she was done. "No way" she said, laughing (snapped the picture at that moment!). Well, I did it haha.

After our appetizer we picked up some ice cream and ate it on the pool deck.

Last sights of land as we head north for three days at sea until we come to the southern tip of Greenland!

At 9p we had our actual dinner at the Toscana Italian restaurant. Really great food. The apricot tart dessert was amazing.