August 3, 2023

Oceania Insignia - Boston

We spend the day in Boston. Where the colonists revolted against their tyrannical government. An action Americans celebrate.

Oceania Insignia - Boston

We arrived in the Boston Harbor at 11a. Mitzi was here with her girls and Brandon in 2016 just before he died and they had a great time. The story I've heard many times from each of the girls is how they walked for 12 miles and kept going around in circles as they tried to follow the red line of the Freedom Trail. It's a great family joke they all tease Mitzi about.

This is where the colonists revolted against their tyrannical government. An action they considered was their responsibility and their right. An action Americans have celebrated for over 200 years. Interesting.

We hopped on an Oceania chartered bus from the port over to downtown. Our first stop was Quincy Market where we had oysters and clam chowder and a lobster roll for lunch.

Then we started following the red line and arrived where the Boston Massacre happened.

After visiting a few sites we headed over to Mike's Pastry. Yum.

After Mike's we went next door to a café for refreshing hot chocolate. They had a funny sign on the wall.

We walked over to the USS Constitution ship. Super interesting to see a ship built in the 1700's that was in operation until fairly recently.

There was a captivating piece of art near the Navy Yard. A head in the shape of a question mark. On the back is inscribed "Never stop questioning" by Albert Einstein. That resonated with us. We caught the water taxi back our drop off point.

Legal Seafood was right across the street of our drop-off/pick-up point. Mitzi had a delicious calamari there in 2016 so we had to get some. So tender and delicious, amazing. We got back to the ship and dug into the Mike Pastry. Mitzi was teasing me about something (can't remember what) and I had to capture a picture – that is definitely her teasing expression.

After dinner we went to the Spa Terrace where there's a hot tub. Nobody else was around. We can feel the temperature dropping as we head north so the air was a bit chilly. We staying in there for an hour relaxing and talking, a very pleasant time.

I'm happy to say that Mitzi dragged me around for only 5 miles instead of 12! I remain un-traumatized by the experience, unlike Sydney and Maddy and Lizzie :)