November 19, 2021

Northern Utah

A High School Reunion & Treasured Family Time.

Northern Utah

After the loooooong drive from St. Louis to Northern Utah we jumped right into the next activity. And the one that was a catalyst for our trip. Mitzi's 30 year high school reunion!

Because Mitzi grew up in such a small town her high school class had 44 people.  She has memories of many of them all the way back to kindergarten.  About 1/3 of her classmates participated.  She loved being there!

The next day we had a Woolstehulme Thanksgiving dinner at Wendy's house.It was a beautiful spread with made from scratch stuffing, turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, monkey bread, yams. The works.  The Woolstenhulme's are good cooks!

We were so grateful to gather with family and enjoy a wonderful few hours together.

The sunset as we drove down I-80 back to the valley was amazing.

The following day I visited my mom and dad in Mapleton. We spent 7 hours together and as a bonus we got to bring Alissa's daughter Maggie along to our dining experience at Magleby's.

Maggie is so darling. She wanted to wear my reading glasses. And when we returned to my parents house she asked me to read a book to her. I read books to my children when they were young. I love it.

Mitzi was visiting another old friend up in Heber.  She had a wonderful visit.... but took no photos :(

The next day we got to have a nice Phò dinner with Heather! She wasn't feeling well so we weren't able to visit long. But we made up for that in fun conversation and enjoyed being with her. She's an amazing person and I'm proud to be her dad ❤️

The following evening Mitzi and Maddy and I went to see the movie Spencer. About Princess Diana. It was a dark film done well. A little depressing but real.

We got to visit Maddy at her school where she is a speech patholgist with elementary school children. Mitzi took her lunch each day and helped her at her house, organizing the garage and making Christmas stockings.

Mitzi's mom's favorite color was green.  She loved seeing Maddy in this color :)

We did a little shopping with me in tow. So of course I captured pictures of it.

After shopping and snacking we went to C-A-L Ranch Store. I noticed they had Wranglers. I've never donned a pair and thought it was about time. I'm digging the cowboy vibe!

My dad ended up having a pacemaker put in his heart while we were in Northern Utah.  I went to the hospital to keep him company.  

Mitzi and Maddy enjoyed a grilled cheese in their old PG neighborhood.  And then followed it up with more snuggle time with the puppy Tex :)

Our time in Northern Utah has come to a close. We value our relationships with loved ones more than anything. We are grateful to have spent time with so many family members these few days and look forward to the next time we see them.