June 27, 2021

Newlyweds Summer in Huntsville, Alabama with the Grand-Cats

Lizzie and Josh are about 350 miles north of us this summer!

Newlyweds Summer in Huntsville, Alabama with the Grand-Cats

It's so great to see Lizzie again!

She's been married for a little over a month and moved to a new state to support Josh as he sells for the summer.  It's so great that it is only about 6 hours north of us.  

Scout and Leo were more than happy to pose and do tricks for us!  I think they were happy to see us too.... Leo for sure.... Scout ???

Lizzie has really enjoyed using her homemaking skills in this new chapter of life!  It was wonderful having dinner with them and hearing about their adventures :)

Lizzie took Damon and I to a Botanical Garden that is near their home.  It was so gorgeous!  We explored, relaxed, and enjoyed the beauty for hours!

A popsicle break to cool down :). There may have been a little shopping ;)

We meet Josh at RB's BBQ.  One of those places you pull up to and think....... hmmmmm.    It was so unique and so Delicious!

The food came out one meal at a time.  The quality was top notch! Best BBQ baked potato ever for me!

Lizzie took us to the NASA space museum.  It is the home of the Saturn 5 Rocket that launched the Apollo missions into space and then onto the moon.  Really cool piece of history!  The 2019 documentary on Apollo 11 recaps this so well!

We met Josh for dinner at a local seafood restaurant.  He works long hard hours each day.  I respect and admire his willingness to provide for my Lizzie.

That night Lizzie baked us a homemade Apple Pie!  I am blown away!  She did not learn this skill from me!  It was so delicious!  I love that my girls are homemakers! We also played a few rounds of Rummikub and Josh dominated!

On our way back to Florida we stoped for some Southern Alabama BBQ.  The restaurant was literally out in the middle of a field.  We were the only people in there. The pork rinds were so fresh they were actually crackle-in'.  Great Service! Eating with Damon is simply the best!

Thank you Weiland's for letting us come for a few days!  It was so great to see you in your new married element and spend time with you guys!