December 3, 2023

New York City & Broadway

We arrive in New York City, enjoy lunch with a friend, watch three broadway shows in two days, then fly home to Panama City Beach.

New York City & Broadway

We disembarked the NCL Prima and entered New York City. Right where we were 4 months ago on Aug 2!

We visited the Hershey's store and walked around Times Square.

Then a stop at Krispy Kreme donuts.

Then we headed over to the Marseille restaurant to meet my friend David whom I met at Pritikin in 2018. We had a nice lunch and it was fun catching up on our health and our lives.

After lunch and resting, we did some shopping around Times Square.

We bought some dinner at Cane's.

The Cane's store had the outfit that Will Ferrell wore in the movie Elf.

Then we headed over to the Gershwin theatre and watched an amazing production of Wicked. This was Mitzi's fourth time seeing it – my first. It was excellent, we had such a good time!

After the show we were walking back to our hotel and I wanted to try some street food chicken. Mitzi wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole, but she enjoyed watching me have the experience and loving it.

And lastly, I did some street photography today. It rained a lot and that made it interesting. The dog peeing on the fire hydrant has to be in color for clarity. Yes, there is a stream of pee shooting onto the hydrant and running across the sidewalk. Who knew that dogs peeing on fire hydrants was a real thing?

And coincidently I captured photos of two different people running, at two different times. Fun!

I also captured a street photographer taking pictures haha.

Normally I wouldn't include unflattering pictures, but there are some I decided warranted violating my 'rule' :)

Day 2 of 2

Today Mitzi's dream of going to Dominique Ansel's Bakery was fulfilled. We caught a cab to SOHO. It was so fun to sample a variety of creative items. Dominique is genius level creative and skilled.

As we walked around we happened by MacKensie-Childs.

And we saw these amazing loafs of bread in a window and it reminded us of Pôilane bread in France that we used to buy and have shipped to us in St. George.

We went to the Moulin Rouge matinee. What a high energy and fun show!

Then we had a relatively quiet dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Then it was time to watch Chicago. Another excellent show.

On the way back to our hotel at 11p we stopped by Max Brenner for chocolate syringes for her girls Christmas presents. Sorry Sydney/Maddy/Lizzie if you are reading this – surprise spoiled :)

I got another chicken kebab at a street vendor.

Time to get to bed, it's midnight and we have to get up at 4a to catch our flight home.

Last Travel Day - Getting Home

We got up at 4a after four hours of sleep, caught a ride to the Newark airport, and hopped on our flight to Atlanta. From Atlanta we flew to Panama City Beach. It was a smooth travel day, yay for that.

Our first view of the Gulf of Mexico as we approach the airport.

Waiting for our luggage.

Riding in a cab to our house. Almost there!

Arrived! Mitzi walks into the house after 4 months and 2 days away.

Mitzi's happy dance – home in our beautiful space again.

Sydney/Logan/Benson left this welcome home note on our fridge.

And with that, the trip is complete :)

We are so happy this trip went so well.

We had our fears and doubts and worries. It wasn't easy to get on this trip, working through those fears and doubts and worries.

We are so proud of ourselves for gathering the courage to do something so bold. And it has been wonderful in every way. A treasured experience.

Mitzi, thanks for doing this trip with me. Thanks for stepping into my dream of extended travel and giving it a try. Thanks for all the research and planning.

Thanks for packing and unpacking my suitcase over and over and over again. Of all the butlers we had on this trip, you are the best haha

I loved every minute of it with you. Every adventure, every experience, every conversation, every culinary delight. You are a wonderful traveling companion, wife, lover, conversationalist, friend, and adventurer. I love you.