January 1, 2024

New Year in Phoenix

We spend time with our children and grandchildren in Phoenix to celebrate the New Year of 2024.

New Year in Phoenix

On our third day in Phoenix we started the day having breakfast with Spencer, Laura, and Haven. It was delightful to see them again!

Haven is adorable. She was shy during breakfast, and as charming as ever.

We learned that she loves to eat ketchup by dipping her fingers in :)

She wasn't a huge fan of being kissed by both parents at the same time, Spencer and Laura said this was the typical response and we had a good laugh.

She also loved flicking water off her straw. Those blurry white lines are the water droplets streaking through the air towards me haha.

After breakfast we went to their house. Mitzi gave Haven a new toy with little people. Laura said this was the first time she's seen Haven playing make believe and sent us this video:


Spencer has a new expresso machine and showed me how it works, I've always been curious about their mechanics.

Haven rested her head on Spencer's shoulder. Very sweet.

We enjoyed visiting with Spencer and Laura. Always a fun time with these two.

Next we drove to Taylor and Baylie's so we could watch Winnie and Beau so the parents could go out on a date together and get some alone time.

Winnie wanted to do "Cheers" with her treat. She laughed and laughed each time.

When Beau woke up I got to give him his bottle. Feeding a little baby is one of the most relaxing activities in my life – I love it.

Winnie was being sweet on Beau and wanted to kiss him over and over.

Then we watched Mickey Mouse together and I was saying the words in Mickey Mouse style and she seemed to be enjoying that so it egged me on more.

Mitzi is such a good grandma, the grandchildren warm up to her so quickly and love playing with her.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. We are planning on everyone getting together at Emily's house, so another day with children and grandchildren to look forward to!

New Year's Eve

We started the day by visiting Taylor and Baylie's family and helping out with Winnie.

At 4p we drove over to Emily's house. All the Phoenix family decided to get together for New Year's Eve. This is the first time in a long time we've gotten together as a family at this time of year.

It was a wonderful way to say goodbye to 2023 and hello to 2024.

We catered some Mexican food and munched on it all evening.

We enjoyed talking and sharing stories and laughing. A wonderful time with wonderful people.

For Mitzi and I 2023 was a wonderful year in so many ways. What I loved most about it was visiting our family, welcoming new grandchildren into the world, and our epic 4 month trip across the north Atlantic and around Western Europe.

Whatever 2024 has in store for us who knows. But what I do know ... 2023 is in the vault and can't be changed. And I'm 100% grateful for it.

New Year's Day 2024

We got to spend the first day of 2024 with Taylor and Baylie. They were so tired they had to take a nap and Mitzi and I watched Winnie and Beau.

Mitzi made cookies with Winnie. She got scared when the beater was running so the rolling out the cookie dough, and decorating the cookies, had to happen in her room.

Beau was perfect. He was awake a while, then I gave him a bottle, and he slept peacefully.

We all went out to dinner at Buck & Rider. A really great place.

Sadly it was time to say goodbye. We loved our time with this little family. We loved celebrating new life.

So begins 2024. We look forward to the year with optimism and hope. With joy for the relationships we have. Grateful to love and be loved.