November 23, 2023

NCL Prima - Barcelona - Cartagena - Sea Days - Thanksgiving

We say goodbye to Barcelona and embark on our cruise back to the States. Another day in Cartagena, sea days, and Thanksgiving.

NCL Prima - Barcelona - Cartagena - Sea Days - Thanksgiving

Embarking on the NCL Prima in Barcelona

This first two pictures is Mitzi's little sunroom she enjoyed so much in this hotel.

In the taxi on the way to the cruise terminal. Heading out on our last cruise of this trip is getting real.

The Prima is a very large ship.

All I will say about the NCL boarding process is that Oceania, Virgin, and Celebrity knocked it out of the park and were amazing :)

Prima is truly a beautiful ship. Only about 1 year old so still very new. We booked the last suite available and it happens to have 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms and a huge veranda including a hot tub. Much larger than we need of course, but having a private hot tub on our veranda really clinched the sale.

Touring this suite was super fun. As Mitzi explored and discovered, I filmed. These are frames from the video.

We explored most of the ship. It's quite large. Did I already say that? It even has a 3 level cart racing track that I'm looking forward to taking for a spin.

Our butler gave us a suprise meal around 4:30p. We weren't expecting it but she showed up, set the table, and laid it all out. We kept thinking she was going to come back and say oops, that was meant for someone else. But she didn't. And we ended up enjoying it.

Mitzi has a great space for her sewing machine and I except she will have many hours of sewing fun on this trip.

It was dark as we headed out of the port and said goodbye to Barcelona.


We pulled into the Cartagena port around 9:30a and there was a light mist over the water. We were here just a week ago.

I like the design of this ship in the front. It actually protrudes forward under the bow. It doesn't have a Bulbous Bow which is the common design. This one is not common at all. The Virgin ships are similar to this design.

Last week Mitzi took a picture of me in front of this beautiful building. So I returned the favor and took one of her today.

Last week we decided to go to this highly rated Maharani Indian restaurant when we came back this week. However ... the restaurant is closed on Tuesdays, and today is Tuesday, so I fake cried in front of it. We got some pizza instead.

We dipped into another church. It was small which I actually enjoyed, very few people were in there.

When we got back to our room the butler had delivered more food and fruit. Fun surprise!

We had a dinner at the Haven restaurant. Mitzi ordered lobster. They were huge – this restaurant did not hold back :)

Sea Days

This NCL Prima ship has a 3 level race track. Our friends from Florida, Bryan and Joan Hillstead, were on this ship last year. Bryan totally sold me on the race track so I had to try it. I signed up for two races today to give it a try. Loved it! Super fun!

Mitzi was kind to get some pro level photos :)

We enjoyed the hot tub in the afternoon. As the sun started to set the view from our veranda was nice, the moon was already up.

While I was out on the veranda, Mitzi was inside doing her workout.


Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a quiet sea day today. Our butler Lea brought us some fruits and snackables in the afternoon.

I asked Lea if any of the restaurants were serving a Thanksgiving meal. She said the Haven was. So I asked if we could have the Thanksgiving meal out on our veranda. She was happy to put it together.

She arrived promptly at 6:30p and got everything set up. We appreciate her so much. She is making this cruise delightful.

The weather is pleasant.

Mitzi and I enjoyed a peaceful and private Thanksgiving dinner together.

Tomorrow morning we arrive in Ponta Delgada, Portugal. Which is actually in the Azores, a series of islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

So with that I'll close out this post and start a new one tomorrow.