May 10, 2021

Navy Stories

An afternoon enjoying the expressive and darling Navy!

Navy Stories

As Navy started telling Mitzi a creative story I immediately realized this needed to be captured.

She communicates with direct eye contact. She fully engages.

These photos cover a 10 minute sequence. She story tells nonstop and at one points eats a cookie at the same time.

Her hands and fingers are so expressive, so detailed and precise in how she uses them to communicate.

Mitzi is such a great listener and communicator. It was so fun to see these two interact.

So what was she telling Mitzi?  A number of things..... but most memorable went something like this.

"Grandma, can you smell that?"

"Oh yes!  It smells like Heaven!!!" (Damon jr was baking cookies)

"No it doesn't.  It smells like Cookies!.......  Heaven smells like dirt.  When you die they dig a hole and bury you in the dirt.  Heaven smells like dirt.  Grandma, can you smell the cookies?"

"Oh yes!  It smells like delicious cookies!" :)

Another snippet.....

"Grandma, did you really sell your house with the little playhouse inside?"

"Yes, I did sell it."

"Why?  I loved playing in that house and I really miss it!"  (tears welling in her eyes)

"Grandpa and I have a new house by the beach!  When you come, Grandpa will take us on a boat to sea shell island and we will play!"

"Okay!  Can we play sea shell island now?"

After several minutes of pretend narrative regarding a boat, a captain, a pirate, and a boy, Navy says, "Grandma, who are you pretending to be?"

"I'm not sure.  Who would you like me to be right now?"

"Ummmmmm, maybe just be my white haired grandma." :)


Another conversation.......

"Grandma, do you remember when you had brown hair?"


"Like my dad's color?"

"Yes! I remember that."

"What happened to it?" :)

She is darling, inquisitive, and such a thinker!  What a great afternoon!