July 11, 2020

Navy and Cobalt

Grandkids are the BEST!

Navy and Cobalt

Navy and Cobalt came to play for a few days!  

The timing could not have been better.  Damon and Macall were up near Zion celebrating the 4th, we had just returned from California, and Maddy and Lizzie were home.  We offered to keep the kids for a few days to give Damon and Macall a little break and they accepted!  

The kids were so good!  Wonderful eaters and sleepers ;)    We had so much fun going on picnics, playing with Lizzie's kitchen, parks, splash pads, museums, play dough, dolls, the cat, tennis balls, and eating yummy food.  

Navy introduced us to the Micky Mouse Hot Dog song.  She danced to it every day! Here's a snapshot of our time with them❤