December 29, 2020

Motorhome Decisions

Wrapping up the Dream.

Motorhome Decisions

In October Advanced RV released a video on a new type of motorhome.  It was an interesting idea to us.  We made some inquires.  We decided to fit in a trip to Ohio to check it out in person before our van order arrived and the original build out started.

At the end of Damon's Pritikin stay we met in Ohio near midnight on a Saturday. After being apart for 3 weeks, he was a sight for sore eyes!  

We drove up to Willoughby on Sunday.  

Monday we had our scheduled meeting at ARV.  It was great to see Trish, Mike, Mitchell, Rob, and Janice.  They were so kind to us and took us to see the new prototype.  We spent the day asking questions and evaluating our decision.  For whatever reason, neither of us took one picture of this experience.  

That night at the hotel we were listing out the pro's and con's of the decision:

Van Model:  Should be ready by summer 2021, original idea, love the feelings surrounding this build.  Smaller in space and possible limited function. Esthetically more pleasing.

Box Model:  More Space.  Incorporates new ideas and technology.  Re-do the configuration. 18 months out. Maybe more money.  

Then Damon, being the dude who will look at every angle :) said, "Or we could cancel it all together."

"What?  Why would you say that?"

"It's a possibility.  We'd loose our deposit, but it's a possibility.  Let's think on it for a few days."

The next day we traveled through Ohio's snow opener to get back to the airport and boy was it a Doosie!  

The next 5 days were a blurrrrrr....... 3 days to get home, saw Logan and Syd, completed the final pack, closed on the Pebble house, had lunch with Joel and Vivian, said our goodbyes to Lizzie and Maddy, and drove to Arizona.  To say we were exhausted was an understatement.

We discussed the motorhome again after a few days of R and R.  

I told Damon I was okay with any of the 3 decisions.  This was his original dream, and I was so happy to tag along, but if something had changed for him, that was okay.  He said something had changed.  He was done with that idea.  He preferred to travel by car or plane and stay in nice homes or hotels.  He had a strong desire to do some foreign travel.  The motor home was a net negative for him at this point.  

And right after he made that decision, ARV sent us a message letting us know our original chassis had arrived.   He typed out the email with a bit of melancholy and let them know we had changed our minds.  

They were kind and understanding.  

What a ride!  What a dream!  What a great thing to keep two widowed souls looking forward towards a future! It literally helped keep us afloat for 2 years. Very valuable for the both of us.  

The fabric we chose nearly 20 months  ago has been stored at ARV..... waiting on the arrival of the vehicle.  They are sending it to us so we can use it in our new home in Florida.  It will be the perfect reminder of a wonderful experience and being brave enough to dream.