March 23, 2023

Something Mitzi

2023 1st Quarter: Off to a Creative and Active Start!

Something Mitzi

I feel so much like my old self.  It's an Incredibly Welcomed status.

I love this mat my girls gave me.  This is a favourite Australian expression of mine.

Happy Valentines Day!  

This spring I've spent a few days experimenting with homemade puff pastry to make Palmiers.  Mmmmmmm, nothing like butter, flour, and sugar :). I topped them with vanilla custard, berries, and chocolate gnash.  Yum!  Some Coconut Bunts and Some Chocolate Bunts accompanied me to a girls dinner party.  

I finished Badger and Mole from the Wind In the Willows Tale.  They are gorgeous!

I ended up constructing Ratty and Badger out of Mohair.  Good Choice.  I used wool felting, instead of paint, to add the coloring to Moles face.  I hand embroidered and lined Badger's Bathrobe.  

I had a ridiculous amount of fun making them and taking their pictures!  I have one character left to make........Otter. And then, I'd like to make them all in the smaller size!  

Finished my dozen felted Easter Eggs.  These are soooooo fun! The darling wooden egg carton came from Magnolia's.

I finished a Whole Cloth Master Piece.  This quilt was a new adventure on so many technical levels.  Paper pieced flying geese, Hand stitched positive space inlay, and lots of creative flying geese free quilting.  I love it and am very proud of It!

Some beautiful individual Cinnamon Rolls for a neighborhood party.  

I started to build a revolving bookcase.  I'm going to use it for some of my children's books as well as a house (or rather high rise)  for some of my critter friends.  I've had this idea in my head for a while.  One Sunday the drawing and dimensions came out onto paper.  I ordered all the wood from Lowes and the fun has begun!

I've had my boat out a couple of days.  One day rowing so aggressively, I gave myself a blister.  It's so fun gliding across Lake Powell.  

Love my life!