July 29, 2023

Mitzi turns 50!

A Grand Weekend with my Favorite Friends!

Mitzi turns 50!

I can't believe I lived this long!  I'm so happy I did!  I asked all of my girls to come for the weekend of my birthday.  They were all so kind to make sure they were available.  Damon was so supportive.

Benson and Syd arrived first!  He was so happy to see me and wanted to hold my hand on the drive home.  I LOVED IT!  We stopped for some food and he looked perfectly into Meat Meat Poppy's camera.  Such a beautiful child.

Time for a dip in Grammies Pool!

Damon used his 3-d printer to make Benson a few toys!  Two dump scoopers and a helicopter.  Benson loves them!

My friends Joan and Bryan sent me some cookies for my birthday.  We bake up a marshmallow filled cookie! And I'm not sure what Benny is showing us?

I found this Spidey outfit at Marshall's and it's a hit!

I snapped my fingers at Benson and he was so curious..... just how did she do that?

We record Benson's growth on Grammies wall.

Maddy and Lizzie arrived late in the evening.  It was complete Heaven to have them all there the next morning.  Damon made his famous bread and we loved it!

Lizzie had ordered my Birthday cake.  It was absolute DEVINE!

Sydney made an entire laminated booklet of 1970's trivia.  We played a few of the games and the winners opened prizes!  

Damon's win was classic :)

To the Pool!

Oh my goodness I love having them all here!

Benson figuring out how to jump in!

Love these guys!

Such a fun evening!

Grammie trying some Gymnastic moves out on Benson! 10/10!

Meat Meatt Poppy and Benson grill up a late night steak and share it :)

Day 3 - THE BIRTHDAY!  The girls had decorated the house with banners, balloons and love notes.  I baked some croissants and enjoyed their company, the gifts, and the food!

New Tiffany & Co. Earings!  And a heart from all my loves!

Handy serving tray and slippers and more loves!

Ham ,Cheese, and Egg Croissant and a Crown!  Doesn't get much better than that!

And then I was told to sit In a chair and close my eyes.  I had no idea what was about to happen.  I was totally surprised with a Dance Show from my friend Tara and my Girls + Benson!

So much fun to watch!


And I might have taken a small nap on this 50th birthday.

Birthday dinner at Old Florida Fish House!

Loved the Oysters and all the laughs!

This cake was absolutely divine! Almond Wedding Cake with Whipped Butter Cream and Berries!

This was so so kind of everyone to do for me.  It made me cry.  I want to leave it up forever!

Day 4  To the Beach for our 50 shirt Pictures.  Thank you Damon.  You are a photo master!

Cooking when my kids come is one of my favorite things.  I make homemade pasta and a delicious feta sauce. Damon grills himself and Benny some Meat Meat!

Ice cream, Shaka, and more beach please!

This boy loves to dig..... and hates sand between his toes :)

I Love this guy.  I will be forever grateful for his willingness to help us rebuild a demolished life.  We all love him.  

I'm so thankful for my time with these girls and Benson this weekend.

Day 5. Rosemary Beach, watching for the garbage truck, Pho 77, and our pretty beach pictures.  Thanks Damon :)

And then we played until the moon came up :)

What a fabulous fabulous time.  I'm so thankful for everyone coming and making my weekend so special. These people are my greatest accomplishment and my favorite part of life.  I Love you.

A few of my favorite things I did this past year:

Becoming a personal client of the Beam Queen, Tara Dent.  After her group exercise class stopped for the winter I asked if I could workout with her personally a few times a week.  Weight training and dance aerobics.  I've loved getting my strength back and making a new personal friend.  She makes me sweat...... I make her cakes :)

I joined a cooking group called the Dining Diva's.  Oh it's Fun and Delicious!  A rotating hosting event where each person brings an assigned dish.  And they take funny pictures.  

I joined a book club.  Another rotating hosting event where dinner is served and a book is examined.

In July I hosted bookclub at my house.  "So Big" by Edna Ferber. 1925 Pultizer Prize winner.  

And a few more selections that I have loved.  I love the amount of time I have to study and learn in this phase of life.  It's Incredible!

And the time and energy and brain power to develop my quilting and sewing and building skills.  

And I love that we were able to travel to so many new and familiar places, and see every family member!  Some more than once! What a great Year! Loved It!