July 29, 2021

Mitzi Turns 48

After a Chocolate Massage....... 48 Feels Incredible!

Mitzi Turns 48

My world is measured in July's.  How lucky am I to experience my 48th!  This year was one for the books as we had family visitors 24 of the 31 days!    

Birthday's have always been a big deal to me.  Perhaps I should thank my parents and Brandon. They always made it special.  A showering of gifts, & food, & friends, & for me being a July baby...... usually a day free from school and work:)

When I became an adult and would offer up Birthday Greetings to friends, I would often hear..... "Oh, it's just another day."  or "We don't really do Birthdays."  


I do.  And I'm thankful for all the people in my life that support my celebratory fun.  After all..... you really don't get very many birthdays :)

Last year Maddy orchestrated an idea with her sisters and Damon to give me a present for 10 days leading up to my birthday.   I think she did it to distract me from the dang grief.  For whatever reason, July has been a painful month for me since Brandon died.  

Well, I loved it!  It was really fun!  And she orchestrated it again this year!  She's an amazing shopper and writes me the cutest cards for each day!

Thank you my girls!  You really know how to make me feel special!

And when July 29th finally rolled around, Damon planned the most Incredible Day for the two of us!  

First stop.... Cafe Aroma for some Iced Chai and a Lemon filled donut.  While we were waiting, my dad and Kathy called.  One of my favorite things about this day is all of the people that reach out to me via text, phone, or cards.  

Next Stop..... a day spa up in Destin.   Damon had discovered a chocolate couples massage and signed us up!  It smelled delicious and felt so wonderful!  Time Vanished. We both loved it!

On our way home, we stopped by Playa for lunch.  I'm so glad Maddy introduced me to this place! I could eat it every day!

Damon, Janis kids, and my extended family spoiled me with so many of my favorite things!

A birthday text from the Grandkids is the BEST!!!

We loaded up for a night out to Fire Fly.  A highly recommended fine dining establishment.

We arrived a few minutes early and waited for our table to be ready.  The Library had beautiful artwork and very interesting lighting!

Tuna and Crab Tower, She Crab Soup, Tuna and Pineapple Sushi, and Rack of Lamb!

And as we walked out of the restaurant the most stunning sunset was laid out before us.  

Thank you Very Much for making my birthday so Special!